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Friday, August 27, 2010

Win Personalized Facebook Shirt from Jollibee

Tomorrow, I will be meeting with some old buddies from high school in what we consider as an "unofficial" batch reunion since it's actually happening during the birthday celebration of our classmate Angela, whom surprisingly is still single though he is one of the top 3 beauties in our class.

Anyways, the instant reunion will happen all because of Faceboook. Our beloved 2-time class muse Jocelyn spearheaded the FB hunt and tracked almost everyone of us. So, I raise a glass for her commitment and perseverance for our group to reunite (applause). As of this writing, we have already posted 2000+ comments in the photo/ invitation where we are all tagged. I run a little contest that whoever gets to post the 1993 comment will get a prize from me. So, they made it happened :-)

So much for the personal stuff... here's the mechanics for you to win a personalized FB shirt from our friends from Jollibee fun club.

Just "Like" the Jollibee Kiddie Workshop FB page and register in the application asking you to create a witty slogan/ phrase that will be printed in your shirt in case you win.

So Bee creative and you'll definitely look cool with your unique and very own FB shirt :-)

How to join The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Do you want to be the biggest Pinoy loser and be an instant celebrity?

It may sound like an irony but it's a guarantee that you will be famous if you win the top prize in ABS-CBN's upcoming TV reality show "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition."

Here's a the requirement for those who think they have what it takes to win the biggest loser title:

* Must be Filipino (Pinoy)
* Male – 18 to 40 years old, in Good Health, 250 pounds and above
* Female – 18 to 40 years old, in Good Health, 200 pounds and above

The nationwide live audition is over but I just read today in Manila Bulletin that contestants can still join by simply registering and uploading a video online. If you're interested to join, just click HERE.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Hired and Win an Apple iPad

While riding an FX going to a mall a few weeks ago, I overheard a college student (maybe from CEU based on her uniform) saying to her schoolmate, "Pagka-graduate ko, hanap agad ng trabaho para may pambili ng iPad."

Then, she laughed in a sarcastic way. I don't know if she's laughing because she fears having hard time looking for a job or owning an iPad.

I hope she can read this because she might actually hit two birds in one stone via Convergys' Online Job Fair. All she needs to do is register and viola, she gets a chance to win an iPad by just participating. The cyber event is happening until September 11, 2010.

But in case you're not into online job fairs and stuff and want to apply at Convergys tha old school way. You can download an application by clicking HERE.

Applicants will be prompted to include the URL where they saw this job post, so kindly indicate

To that hopeful CEU stude and to all job seekers, good luck in job hunting and hope you win an Apple iPad.

Win Sanyo HD Camera and Php 50k from Nagaraya

Are you nuts?!

Well if you truly, sincerely and honestly think you are, you have a chance to take home some cool prizes like Sanyo HR Cameras and Php 50,000 via Nagaraya's It's Fun to be Nutty contest.

All you need to do is to to capture your nuttiness in a 3-minute video and upload it in

If you feel like you're a shy-type and doesn't want to share your moments in a video, you can still win in the raffle contest by just voting for your favorite entry. 1 vote counts for one entry. For the full mechanics. Just visit the link in this post.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Computergirl's Birthday Giveaway

Do you carry a bag everyday?

Me, I've been a fan of backpacks ever since. Sometimes when I go out without a bag, I feel like there is something missing or I left an important back home. That's why, you'll more likely see me carrying a bag while watching a movie (if you can see me) or shopping in a mall.

Computergirl's Musing asks, "What would I find in your daily handbag/backpack/hand luggage? It can be a health or beauty item for daily use, or just a good space saver/multi-purpose product."

Just leave a comment HERE and get a chance to win everything you can see in the photo below:

For a better chance of winning, you can also blog about the contest that will run until September 5, 2010. Ohhh... that's my birthday, too! :-) Sali kaya ko baka swerte ko hehe...

FREE Baller ID

Here's for the ladies and gals under 40's.  But if your 40+ and still got that monthly experience, read on.

FREE "I Know" baller ID with every purchase of Kotex Soft & Smooth Maxi Wings 8's or Maxi Plus 8s or Ultrathin 5s.

This is in line with Kotex's  "I Know Movement" campaign for the truth: learn it, use it, share it, and pass it on.

I'm just not sure what they're referring to "use it, share it and pass it on."  I hope it's not what I'm thinking.  Kindly educate me like I'm a 5-year old. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nokia: My Life Contest

There's another group of generous people who will be giving away Nokia phones for those who loves to join contests ala-Simon Says.

In a nutshell, the Nokia: My Life contest by Manila Reviews in cooperation with Nokia Philippines is promo that will require you to do simple instructions for you to earn a raffle entry.

I tell you, this is much easier than buying a can of sardines or packs of noodles for you to have a proof of purchase that you need to include in an envelop before placing your luck in a drop box courtesy of the old school promotions. Believe me since I've been a fan of such rituals since I learned the mechanics of Simons Says from my grade school teacher.

To see the complete mechanics, just click HERE.

FREE Scoop of Gelatone every Wednesday

There is something good about Wednesdays.  Ever since I was a kid, it has been my favorite day of the week.  Well during my younger years, it's the day where all my favorite shows are shown.  Also, when Wednesday comes, it means that only two more school days to go before a much deserve weekend break.  I am still excited about weekend until now!

Btw, for those who don't know, Gelatone in Greenbelt 3 Makati has this Rainy Days promo where they are giving away a FREE scoop of ice cream for the first 100 mapanghingi peeps every Wednesdays of August.  Line starts at 5:00 pm.

Isn't it a good Wednesday today? :-)

July Winners of Manila Bulletin Essay Writing Contest

Here are the July winners to conclude the 3-month Manila Bulletin Essay Writing Contest!

As promised, I am posting the actual announcement of Manila Bulletin regarding their "Write an Essay, Win a Samsung Netbook" contest.

If one of my readers/ followers happen to win, please leave a comment and send me a photo when you get the prize form MB so I can post it here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Php 100,000 Entrepreneur Student Challenge

Almost everyone I know, from my high school classmates to my office mates to my online buddy, has a Facebook account. FB just bit us when it hurts and tickles most that is why we are somewhat addicted to it. I used to say these things to Friendster, which will forever has a space in my heart since it bridged me and my eventual wife especially when I was working overseas a few years ago.

Going back to FB, did you know that it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students only as a membership site exclusive to Harvard University students? Well, of course, we all know that a movie about the success story behind FB will be released soon so we can learn how FB reached to 500 million users worldwide.

Are you a Zuckerberg-type? I mean a student who has a great business idea? Well, I'm just asking because you might be that "someone" who Entrepreneur magazine is looking for. Calling all students who has a bright business idea! Pitch it in and you might win Php 100k.

Just click HERE to know the full mechanics of the contest.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog your way to Boracay for FREE

 Boracay will forever has a special spot in my heart. 

Not only that my wife is from Aklan but also because of the great memories that I have there when I first stepped on its white sand.  Thanks to my wifey, of course.

Anyways, for those who are would like to go to Boracay for FREE.  You might be interested on this promotion.

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) and Microtel Inns & Suites will be choosing eight lucky bloggers to join an all-expense paid bloggers' tour of Boracay from September 10 to 12, 2010. This includes round-trip tickets from Manila to Caticlan and accommodation at Microtel Boracay.

To be selected, you will have to write a blog entry telling us why you should be chosen to join the tour. Each blog entry must have a link to the SEAIR website, the SEAIR Facebook Fan Page, and the Microtel Philippines website.  You can publish your entry from 12:00 a.m. of July 26, 2010 to 11:59 p.m. of August 20, 2010. Only one entry per blog will count.

To let us know about your blog entry, post it as a link in the SEAIR FB.  It has to be posted from 12:00 a.m. of July 26, 2010 to 11:59 p.m. of August 20, 2010. Once it is acknowledged by our administrator, your entry is counted.  The complete details and mechanics are also posted there.

Pure 'n Fresh I Heart My Body Contest

Being a mother is sometimes an advantage.

Just like this, a contest exclusively for mother to teen daughters and female teens from Unilab.  But knowing Unilab, they'll come out of a cool promotion for fathers and male teens anytime soon.

Here's the mechanics of the contest: 

1. Save the "I Heart My Body Contest" on your desktop.
2. Post the "I Heart My Body" badge on Unilab FB wall (as fan photo) and tag 20 female friends.
2. If you're a mom, complete the sentence "As a mom, I tell my teen daughter to love her body because___."
3. If you're a teen, complete the sentence "I heart my body because___."
4. Each day, two winners (via electronic raffle) will receive a special gift pack from Pure 'n Fresh.
5. The contest will run from August 10 to 16, 2010. You can start posting and tagging on Aug. 9.
6. One entry per user only. No need to keep reposting. Once your entry appears on the Unilab wall, you're considered entered.

FREE tickets to The Expendables

I hope my former office mates from Video City can read this: I wanna watch The Expendables, guys!

During my stint as copywriter/ publicity officers for Video City, one of the things I love doing is organizing a premiere night for a up and coming film! From the gimmick to the program to the tickets and freebies for the attendees, every moment is as exciting as watching the film.

Now, I wanna watch a premiere night as an ordinary movie fan without having to think where a guest celebrity will sit down or how the backdrop at the cinema entrance would look like. So anyone from VC main office there?

Just click on the image to see the details of the promo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Win Special Prizes from Philippine Star

Yesterday, I thought I would witness a miracle.

Nope. I did not see a sick man walked away from his wheelchair or saw Maegan Fox in person.  I was referring about an almost upset win by my UE Red Warriors over UAAP depending champs  Ateneo Blue Eagles.

You see, the Warriors are like sick men nowadays after loosing key big men in their line-up this year.  While, the Eagles are as hot as Maegan!  Three minutes left in the game and the game is tied until the men in red started to loose their steam and the blue jerseys continues to soars with a series of baskets.

Sigh!  Anyways, here's a contest for all UAAP and NCAA fans!  Guys, you really need to prove that you are a certified fan win exciting prizes.    All you have to do is to wear your team color with pride and share a photo of your wackiest UAAP and NCAA moment! Grab a partner (male and female tandem) and be part of the scene. Capture the moment by sending your photo to

For the complete mechanics, visit

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mapanghingi ka ba? Happy na, Birthday pa Giveaway!

Update on mechanics 08/21/2010

Guys, I'll be making little changes on the mechanics of Mapanghingi ka ba? Happy na, Birthday pa giveaway!

Instead of the earlier announcement that only top three photos will win, I've decided to give the prizes to the top five instead and. Thus, there will be no more best comments category. I need to make the adjustment because I might have a difficult time choosing since there are a lot of great entries. I might need help from guest judges. I hope you, guys will understand.

Here's what I'll be sharing to the winners of this contest which will run until September 5, 2010.

Grand winner:
Php 2000 Dental First GC (can use for dental consultation, cleaning, temporary/ permanent filling, simple extraction and just about anything a dentist can do to your mouth) courtesy of Mapagbigay ka ba?

A Goodie Bag from Unilab (please be a fan of Unilab FB fan page)

A Guyito stuffed toy from Philippine Daily Inquirer. Guyito is the offical mascot of PDI.

Consolation prizes:
Two (2) runner-up winners will bring home a Unilab goodie bag and Guyito stuffed toy each.

Two (2) best commenters will also bring home a Unilab goodie bag and Guyito stuffed toy each.

So that's 5 winners all in all.

To Join, here's the simple mechanics:
1. You should follow or subscribe to my blog Mapanghingi ka ba? and "Like" MKB Facebook fan page.

2. Post a photo on your FB Wall (or you may also upload it via MKB FB) that would best fit the caption: "Happy na, Birthday pa". It can be amusing, tearjerker, dramatic, romantic, weird, wacky, cute or whatever as long it can convince me that it is the photo
that I'm looking for.

3. Don't forget to tag @Mapanghingi ka ba? along with this caption "This is my entry to Mapanghingi ka ba? Happy na, Birthday pa giveaway!" along with a little description of the photo.

4. You can send in as many entries as you can.

5. You can also win by commenting on the photos of other entry senders. Two best comments (malicious and/ or foul words please) will be chosen. So be creative and witty!

6. The contest is open to anyone, male or female, willing to claim the prize in our office in Mandaluyong City. The winners will be announced on September 6, a day after my birthday celebration!

Thank you to my contest sponsors: Mapagbigay ka ba?, Unilab and Mr. Jesse Rebustillo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

How do you make your kids sleep better?

Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.

The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.

Learn more about the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to stretch your baby´s sleep by as much as 23%.

In addition to the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine and products, there are countless other ways you can help your baby fall asleep and even share bonding moments in the process!

Parenthood for me is like a bottle of an energy drink. It will keep you alive and wide-awake until the last drop.

Well, that’s the case I our home with our little dynamo Charles. He would wake up a little pass 6 am and would be a baby wrecking crew in our house. And we love every moment of his toddler adventure at home.

One thing that my wife and I have yet to fully understand though is the art of making our baby sleep at night time. Baby bed time is somewhat a mystery to solve. Our little one would sometime sleep in his mini bed. Other times, he prefers being swung by his mommy and/ or daddy depending on who he feels like hugging that evening. But before that, we would engage in a series of chase scenes and peek-a-boos before we can make him lie down in bed.

Just recently, we found an ally with our cellphones that plays mp3 songs. This may sound something stupid but my son loves the tune “Something Stupid” by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman (pardon the redundancy). We would play it endlessly until he fall asleep and it has worked for two weeks now every night.

Do you have your own bedtime routine? Share your story and you might win Johnson’s Baby Bedtime products. You can either blog or comment about it to win exciting prizes. So that means, even non bloggers can join and win!

Kindly comment on this post if you have a bedtime routine to suggest that other parents can try. Thank you in advance for those who will take time to share.

Win autographed copy of "Pacific Rims" by Rafe Bartholomew

For me, basketball is the next best thing discovered by man next to television.

My first toy was a plastic basketball worth Php 5.  I was rushed for treatments twice after sustaining broken limbs in separate incidents playing basketball but never regretted both accidents.  I still look up to Sen. Robert Jaworski Sr.  My well-kept treasure is my Charles Barkley collection and I even named my son after this NBA hall-of-famer.

To say that I am a basketball fan is an understatement.  I lost count of how many family events, meet-ups with friends and even dates with my then-GF now my wife Leah I skipped just to stay home and watch an important basketball game on TV--- UAAP, PBA, NBA... name it.  I have marked them in red on my calendar.

This may sound a little exaggerated but you can go and ask my wife.

Anyways, enough of this lengthy introduction for a promo being conducted by National Bookstore FB fan page.  Here's what they posted in their page:

Send us any basketball themed photo of yourself or a loved one for a chance to get an autographed copy of "Pacific Rims" by Rafe Bartholomew! The top 3 photos with the most "likes" by the end of the voting period and 2 "NBS Choice" entries will win!

Some examples:
1. Wearing your favorite basketball jersey
2. Playing basketball with your... friends
3. Twirling a basketball
4. Reading a memoir of your favorite player or coach
5. Your child learning to play using a toy basketball court
6. You and your favorite basketball player

Entries must be sent to by August 12, 12 noon. Deadline of voting is on August 20, 12 noon. Good luck!

Rafe is an American author who stayed in the Philippine just to write about Filipinos fascination with the game of basketball.  Just a little trivia.  He acted as one of the American who Sunshine Dizon forced to be the father of her child in GMA 7's Bakekang.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Win Rexona Gift Packs

Still looking for a perfect deodorant for you? Here's a new variant from Rexona called Nature Nuture that is sure to douse the most difficult bushfire of all armpits.

My Online buddy Rowena has ongoing promo on Animetric's World where she is giving away Rexona gift packs by just leaving a comment on her post

She want's you to try out Rexona's Nature Nurture application on Facebook HERE and tell me what you think of it by leaving a comment. Please indicate your name and email address.

She will raffle off five (5) Rexona Naturals gift packs to all the commenters. Each gift pack contains a 20g stick and a 40ml roll-on. Contest is open nationwide to all residents of the Philippines. She will ship the prizes to you if you win. You have until August 31, 2010 to join. Raffle will be done via

That's easy! Join now!

FREE Children's Book from Jollibee on August 8

One of the books to be given FREE
Waaaahhh! I wish I am a Jollibee Kids Club member :-(

On August 8, Jollibee gives away selected Pinoy storybooks from among the winning titles cited by the PBBY during the recent National Childen’s Book Awards ceremony last July 24.

The first 50 Jollibee Kids Club members to drop by on this day in any of the 50 selected Jollibee outlets in Metro Manila will get a free book each. Jollibee Kids Club members just need to show their membership ID and they can take home one of four charmingly-written and beautifully-illustrated children’s books.

Sign up your kids with the Jollibee Kids Club so they can start enjoying more exciting goodies, fun-filled activities and exclusive promos!

Participating Jollibee branches include: UP Philcoa; Grand Central, E. Rodriguez; Greenmeadows C5 Libis; SM Mall of Asia 1; Market Market; Alabang Junction; NAIA Terminal 2; Bonifacio Stop-Over; Glorietta 4; Makati Avenue and New Las Pinas.

For a complete list of participating branches in Metro Manila, go to

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you look like Lito Atienza?

I miss former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. Nope, I don't live in the city. What I mean is that I usually see him on TV every Saturday morning courtesy of "Maynila" and lately my sked forbade me in watching a weekend guilt pleasure. I know, the story are sometime cheesy and predictable but I grew up following Kuya Germ's Young Love, Sweet Love and TGIS and these shows make me feel like I'm 17 again. :-)

Btw, can someone tell me, "Palabas pa ba ang Maynila sa GMA 7?"

Now for the contest part, FHM (yeah, that magazine who featured young stars, who also appeared in Maynila, showing more flesh) is giving away an Indo Board care from Aloha Boardsports. (Timing, pang-beach!)

All you need to do is send in photos to based on the requirements below. Two other freebies will be given away under other categories:

1. Photos of wannabe surfers in Lito Atienza Hawaiian tops, tighty whitey briefs under and bakya for footwear get a chance to practice balancing skills some more via an Indo Board care of Aloha Boardsports.

2. Sleepy office workers who risk taking snapshots of themselves dozing off in the office cube move closer to winning P2,500 worth of gift certificates from a hip new coffee shop by the bay: the Red Baron Coffee Shop.

3. Wet photos of yourself with or without clothes on compete for a Coast gift pack courtesy of the good people from Unisell. Drip wet, take a snap, win a prize. Easy!

Entries in by August 25!Send entries to Winners will be notified thru email by Summit Media's Marketing Assistant. Claiming period is until Sept. 20, 2010 only.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Contest Exclusive for Winners

I found this contest interesting because it has a not-so-usual requisite: You have to be a certified winner to join the contest.

How do you prove that you are a winner? Well, you have to brag about it through your blog and post photos of certificates, prizes won, awarding ceremonies and any image you can think of that will make you eligible to join and win blogger Jayson Biadog's birthday contest Winner's Place: Share your winning story contest.

Well, if you'll ask me if I am a winner myself. I can enumerate all the contests and promos that I won all the way back my elementary years (yes, i started that early but I have yet to win the big ones like house and lot, brand new car and 1 million pesos that's why I'm still joining contests up to now) but the best gift I ever got in the biggest contest of them all (a.k.a. LIFE) is captured in the photo below--- my wife Leah and son Charles!

And I think, the mere fact that I got to wake up each day and see their beautiful faces, that alone makes me a WINNER!

Btw, before i start sobbing here... just want to inform you that the contest will run until October 14, 2010 and you can win exciting prizes like adventure pass, books, phone cards and many more!