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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you look like Lito Atienza?

I miss former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. Nope, I don't live in the city. What I mean is that I usually see him on TV every Saturday morning courtesy of "Maynila" and lately my sked forbade me in watching a weekend guilt pleasure. I know, the story are sometime cheesy and predictable but I grew up following Kuya Germ's Young Love, Sweet Love and TGIS and these shows make me feel like I'm 17 again. :-)

Btw, can someone tell me, "Palabas pa ba ang Maynila sa GMA 7?"

Now for the contest part, FHM (yeah, that magazine who featured young stars, who also appeared in Maynila, showing more flesh) is giving away an Indo Board care from Aloha Boardsports. (Timing, pang-beach!)

All you need to do is send in photos to based on the requirements below. Two other freebies will be given away under other categories:

1. Photos of wannabe surfers in Lito Atienza Hawaiian tops, tighty whitey briefs under and bakya for footwear get a chance to practice balancing skills some more via an Indo Board care of Aloha Boardsports.

2. Sleepy office workers who risk taking snapshots of themselves dozing off in the office cube move closer to winning P2,500 worth of gift certificates from a hip new coffee shop by the bay: the Red Baron Coffee Shop.

3. Wet photos of yourself with or without clothes on compete for a Coast gift pack courtesy of the good people from Unisell. Drip wet, take a snap, win a prize. Easy!

Entries in by August 25!Send entries to Winners will be notified thru email by Summit Media's Marketing Assistant. Claiming period is until Sept. 20, 2010 only.

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