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Friday, August 6, 2010

How do you make your kids sleep better?

Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.

The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.

Learn more about the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to stretch your baby´s sleep by as much as 23%.

In addition to the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine and products, there are countless other ways you can help your baby fall asleep and even share bonding moments in the process!

Parenthood for me is like a bottle of an energy drink. It will keep you alive and wide-awake until the last drop.

Well, that’s the case I our home with our little dynamo Charles. He would wake up a little pass 6 am and would be a baby wrecking crew in our house. And we love every moment of his toddler adventure at home.

One thing that my wife and I have yet to fully understand though is the art of making our baby sleep at night time. Baby bed time is somewhat a mystery to solve. Our little one would sometime sleep in his mini bed. Other times, he prefers being swung by his mommy and/ or daddy depending on who he feels like hugging that evening. But before that, we would engage in a series of chase scenes and peek-a-boos before we can make him lie down in bed.

Just recently, we found an ally with our cellphones that plays mp3 songs. This may sound something stupid but my son loves the tune “Something Stupid” by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman (pardon the redundancy). We would play it endlessly until he fall asleep and it has worked for two weeks now every night.

Do you have your own bedtime routine? Share your story and you might win Johnson’s Baby Bedtime products. You can either blog or comment about it to win exciting prizes. So that means, even non bloggers can join and win!

Kindly comment on this post if you have a bedtime routine to suggest that other parents can try. Thank you in advance for those who will take time to share.


  1. Oh i have a couple of baby routines at night although my kids aren't babies no more....:D

  2. We pray together before going to bed..It would be a lifetime routine ")

  3. @ Agnes... well, maybe you can share your routines when they were still babies :-)

    @ Rodawin... definitely that's the best routine ever!

  4. our bedtime routine would always be toothbrush then say a little prayer then kiss daddy and mommy goodnight then off to bed.

    My 2 yr old would always correct his tita when tita says "go to bed now" he would immediately reply " no, toothbrush first then 'amen' (he mean pray) and kiss daddy and mommy before sleep" =D

  5. Hi 2tinyfeet...

    Thanks for the tip... you have a smart 2-year old :-)

  6. After bath at night , Johnson's baby powder and a nice kamot on their back .My 5 year old girl love putting on Johnson's baby milk lotion and always ask for leg massage. Once in a while I clean their navel using Johnson's baby oil. After all the routine we always pray the Lord's prayer to end our day.
    Johnson's baby products has been a part of my kids growing up.

  7. Hi Agnes! Yup, kids really love leg massage. And it actually makes their limbs strong!

    Thanks for sharing your story :-)

  8. Me and my daughter loves to take a bath before going to bed and she loves to listen to my stories, sing a bedtime song and she loves to cuddle and kiss. She loves it when I massage her and she would even insist on putting the oil by herself and say hmmm..smells good mommy..I like it..I love you mommy, I love you daddy!and before I knew it she was already asleep!.

  9. Hi Viola... i can't wait for the moment my son can say I love you daddy... that should be a day to remember :-) Thanks for sharing