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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mapanghingi ka ba? Readers win Kitchen Showcase

One of the best feeling that anyone can experience is the joy of winning.

Whether it's cash from a raffle draw or a gadget from an online promotion, the happiness of being "I'm lucky today!" is such a moment worth reminiscing that you wish for more to come.

That's why I was surprised to find out that two of my blog readers actually won the top spots of the nationwide contest Electrolux Man Knock on Your Door video contest.  Ronald De Lima and Samuel Duque each won a kitchen showcase composed of a 3-door ref, gas range, coffee maker and a microwave oven.  See their winning videos below:

I was just happy that through my blog, I made two people spend a happier Christmas this year with a truck-load of winnings (literally and figuratively).  Thus, I got a shower of praises and thank yous from them:

Ronald: "Thanks Richard for convincing me to join this video contest. I never thought I could win this one...I thought of backing out but you and my wife convinced me otherwise."

Samuel: "Thank you, thank you talaga! Two years na akong hinihiritan ng mommy ko ng gas range. At eto sa pagsali ko pala sa contest matutupad."

And as I promised that if at least twenty (20) of my readers will join in this contest, I will raffle off some prizes to the participants.  I personally choose the videos of Bobzkie and Nova from the non-winning entries. Both of you will win a laptop bag each. Please email your contact info and mailing address to

Thank you to all who have joined and happy holidays to everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does your Kumare deserve to Win?

I was so lazy to go to work one morning that I found myself lying like a dead wood on the sofa while channel surfing the TV.

I was so lazy that the length of intervals of me changing the channel using the remote control is every almost 10 seconds.

I was so lazy that I when the RC fell down on the floor, I did not bother picking it up.

Then there was Kumare Klub on TV 5.  The new morning show, which airs every weekdays at 7:00 am, that offers an hour of rich information and solutions for mothers’ dilemmas at home plus do-it-yourself tips and health information for moms and children.  It stars the trio of Amy Perez, Cristine Bersola and Chiqui Roa Puno.  Among the three, the last Chiqui was the one who made me lift my lazy ass off the sofa.

Chiqui has this Chuiqui Chiqui Dance Dance portion where she teaches a group of moms in the set, which viewers can follow popular and latest dance steps.  It's like ala-Billy Banks or Richard Simmons workout Pinoy-style.  And I am not ashamed to admit that Chiqui teached me how to dougie.

Other great segments in the show includes the nominate your kumare giveaway where TV viewers are invited to send a letter to the show regarding a kumare who they think deserves to win a surprise gift--- shopping spree, a complete make-over, vacation treat and others.

Now, if you think you have a kumare who deserves to be a queen for a day. Send an email to and indicate why she should be picked along with your name and contact details.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Win 10,000 worth of shopping spree for someone

If somebody gives you a Php 10,000 shopping money, what will you buy?

A gadget... an appliance... or new shoes and clothes, perhaps.

What if the said amount will be given to you but you need to donate it to someone who needs it more than you do, will you do it?

If your answer to the second question is a resounding yes, this promotion is for you!  The Philippine Star in cooperation with Robinsons Department store will make wishes of your love ones, friends and colleagues come true with their Be a Santa for Someone contest.

No purchase required. All you have to do is complete this message and email to on or before December 17. 

This Christmas, I want to surprise my _________________ with a _____________________ from Robinsons Department Store because _____________________________________________.

Name / Age of Entry Sender: 

Name / Age of Gift Recipient: 
Email and Mobile/ Landline Number of Sender:

Five lucky letter sender will be contacted the following week after the deadline. Winners will be published on the Dec. 30 issue of Philippine Star.

Monday, December 5, 2011

GMA Pasabay sa Pasko

Have you seen this bus? Catch it for a free ride this holiday season!

I was reading the news yesterday and was salivating over the latest gadgets, watches and apparels posted in full color ads.

I can only close my eyes and wish somebody will give at least one of them to me this Christmas or by divine intervention I'll wake up one day with all these goodies scaterred in our living room.

Well, Christmas season is here so definitely there are a lot of FREE stuff to come since many people becomes very generous when times like this come.

Take for example GMA News TV who is offering the Pasabay sa Pasko free bus rides to commuters. It started last November 14 and will be running until December 16 (Monday-Friday).

Catch their specially markes buses (parang tansan lang kung i-diecribe e, no?) as they round the route of SM Fairview and SM Mall of Asia and back! With GMA News TV Pasabay sa Pasko, you get a free, fast and quality bus ride during the Christmas Rush. Ride the Pasabay Bus for free and enjoy your Christmas shopping!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Win a Kitchen Showcase from Electrolux

UPDATE: The deadline for submission of entries is on Dec. 11, 2011!

Have you ever imagined your kitchen having a brand new coffee maker, microwave oven, electric cooking range and a spanking 3-door refrigerator?

In your dreams?

Actually, what if I tell you that you might get all of these and more with just a simple video of you and your friends singing or interpreting a classic TV commercial jingle?

It could actually happen this Christmas and it’s not Santa Clause who’ll gonna give all these cool gifts to you--- It’s the friendly Electrolux man who will knock on your door with special Christmas surprises just for you? Here's how you can make that happen!

The popular Electrolux "Knock On Your Door" jingle is back! It's fun, catchy and will have you singing along! Have some fun with us by singing your own version by yourself, or with family and friends! Take a video and share it with everyone. Who knows – it could become viral!

STEP 1 Like The Little White Book page on Facebook and click on the Knock on Your Door Video Challenge tab. Listen and learn the Knock On Your Door jingle. You can also find it on the ElectroluxPH YouTube account as well as for download.

STEP 2 Come up with your very own rendition of the jingle in the most creative way you can think of. Then, take a video of your production.

STEP 3 Visit and register online by providing your contact information and uploading your video from November 3 to December 11, 2011. Video entries (in 3gp or mp4 format) must be of a minimum length of 30 seconds and a maximum length of 2 minutes, not exceeding 20MB.

STEP 4 Kindly indicated me, Richard Mamuyac, as the one who referred you to the promo because I will be giving away a special gift pack to one to the first twenty (20) entry senders.  Please send an email to and indicating your name and contact info, file name of your video entry and this line: Referred by Richard Mamuyac of to be eligible to the special raffle.

STEP 5. Go back to the Knock on Your Door Video Challenge tab on the The Little White Book Facebook page and like your favorite entries among the Top 10. 
Judging of entries will happen on December 12, 2011, 1:00-4:00pm at the Electrolux main office. The criteria of judging are as follows:    45%    Creativity and Originality   35%    Presentation of the "Knock On Your Door" theme     20%    Production Value (e.g. props, costumes, effects, etc.)

Two winners will be chosen as winners of a special Electrolux Christmas Kitchen Surprise and gift certificates from Magnolia and Monterey. Winners will be announced on The Little White Book and will be notified via phone call, e-mail and registered mail.

The Electrolux Man and his team will personally visit the homes of winners residing in the Metro Manila area to award the prizes. The date and time of the home visit will be pre-scheduled with each winner and will occur within 60 days from receipt of notification. So sing along with us this Christmas season and show us what you've got! Who knows – we may be knocking on your door soon!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to sing on my own or can I lip synch along with the jingle?
A: You can sing the jingle yourself either acapella or with accompaniment. You can also opt to sing along with the jingle or lip synch it. In addition, you can choreograph a dance or create a skit too. It's totally up to you. Go ahead – let your creativity show!

Q: How many people can appear in the video? Can I use props or special effects in my video?
A: A minimum of one person needs to appear in the video but you can choose to have as many people as you'd like appear in it. Yes, you can use props and effects in the video too.

Q: Can I submit more than one video?
A: You may register as many videos as you want. In the event that the winning video is registered to more than one name, the person who submits the video first will be considered the recipient of the prize.

Q: Who can join the Knock On Your Door Video Challenge?
A: This contest is open to all creative minds and talented performers, both amateur and professional, nationwide.

Q: What's the criteria for judging the winning videos?
A: The criteria are as follows:
Creativity and Originality – 45%   
Creativity and originality make up the largest percentage of our criteria for judging the winning videos. We want to see how creative and original you can get with the Knock On Your Door jingle. Feel free to make a script for a skit, a dance production number or whatever else you might think of. We want to see the terrific ideas you have.

Presentation of the "Knock On Your Door" theme – 35%
The Electrolux Man is back! Tell a story about the return of the Electrolux Man who's come to bring everyone cheer this Christmastime. We want to see how you'll interpret the Knock On Your Door story in your own way.

Production Value – 20%
When making your video, feel free to make a production of it. Use props, costumes and effects that will help tell your story.

Q: What prizes will the winners get?
A: Each of the two winners will receive an Electrolux Christmas Kitchen Surprise comprised of the following appliances:
(1) Unit ECM2000 Coffee Maker
(1) Unit EMM2009W Microwave Oven
(1) Unit EKM5541 Electric Cooking Range
(1) Unit ETB2603 Three Door Refrigerator

Q: What if a winner resides outside of Metro Manila? How will he or she receive his/her prizes?
A: If a chosen winner happens to be residing outside the Metro Manila area, the prize package will be delivered to the winner's home by the logistics company servicing Electrolux in their area. The delivery of prizes will occur within 60 days from receipt of notification.

Winners must present 2 valid IDs (SSS, Driver’s License or other government-issued ID) and a copy of the registered mail/e-mail in order to claim their prizes. Employees of Electrolux Philippines and its agencies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

Here's the lyrics of the jingle if you want to sing it in acapella:  

"I'm gonna knock on your door
Ring on your bell
Tap on your window too
I'm back to give you much more
When you open the door
I'm your friendly Electrolux man." 

For inspiration and ideas for your entry, you can check this link:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Snacking without the guilt Blog Contest

 Snacks can give you an energy boost to help fuel your body between meals. Your body uses up the carbohydrate stores in your liver (which help maintain a normal level of blood sugar) in 4 to 6 hours. You need food to replace them. Many people can benefit from eating snacks.

But most of the snacks available in the market are what we call junk foods which are perceived to have little or no nutritional value at all. Common junk foods include salted snack foods like chips (crisps), candy, gum, most sweet desserts, fried fast food and carbonated beverages (sodas) as well as alcoholic beverages. There are also snacks that are with protein of poor nutritional quality, more fat than (and nearly five times the sodium of) potato chips, pork rinds meet the common criteria for junk food.

Soyami Soya Chips is your healthy substitute to what we call “junk foods.” It is made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and O% transfat. It is available in 3 flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar. It is now out in the market. Soyami Soya Chips makes healthy snacks for everyone.

Here's the mechanics of the blog contest:

        1. This contest is open to all BLOGGERS who have at least 6 months of blogging and are permanent residents of the Philippines.

        2. Bloggers will make a blog entry about the experience of “eating snacks without the guilt”. Please share your experience eating “Soyami Soya Chips.” Soyami Soya Chips is your healthier choice to snacking! It is made with Real Soya, no MSG, High in Protein and Calcium and O% transfat. It is available in 3 flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar. It is now out in the market.

        3. Also include in your entry the links below. It is also a requirement that you like Soyami on Facebook and follow on Soyami Twitter.

        4. Post your entry at our Facebook Fan Page with your name, email address, and location. Also tweet and mention us @HealthySoyami on Twitter.

Criteria for judging:

25% – Creativity (way of writing where thoughts and feelings are expressed in a unique and imaginative way)

25% – Originality (content submitted must be original and should not be copied from other works)

50% – Relevance to the theme (must be about the experience of eating the snack without any hesitations of eating the snack)

Contest Period:  October 24, 2011 – December 15, 2011

Awarding will be scheduled on the January 14, 2012

Grand Winner - Php 10,000.00 + 3 months supply of Soyami Soya Chips
1st Prize - Php 5,000.00 + 2 months supply of Soyami Soya Chips
2nd Prize - Php 3,000.00 + 1 month supply of Soyami Soya Chips

For more information, please 'Like" the Soyami FB fan page.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Win 1 Million Pesos from AyosDito Connect and Win Promo

I have always fun doing online shopping.

Aside from the fact that I'm doing it at my most convenient time, with less hassle and no traffic and mob of fellow bargain hunters to deal with, it is such a pleasure to my eyes to look at the goodies on the web one by one with just a click.

Online shopping will be more fun and exciting than before with one of the better known local online shopping site AyosDito launching the Connect & Win Promo where members of the site get a chance to win cool prizes like iPad2 and iPhones weekly and Php 1,000,000 in the grand draw.

Good thing I use AyosDito Connect, a web-based application that integrates the features of Facebook Connect with the online buying site. I was actually looking for an iPad2 to buy but now that I found out that I can actually get for free in case I win in the raffle, I might want to try my luck first in joining the raffle.  

Here's the easy steps on how to join AyosDito Connect and Win Promo:

a. To join, participants must first register with AyosDito Connect. To learn more about AyosDito Connect, please go to this link:

You can log in via Facebook by clicking the widget at the upper right side of AyosDito Connect section

Register your details so you will be eligible to the raffle

A confirmation message will come out to inform you about your initial 10 raffle entries

b. Participants earn more entries when doing the following actions below when they are logged in to AyosDito Connect:

(Action = No. of  Raffle Entries)
Registration   =  1
Invite a friend   =  1 per approved and registered invite
Share an ad   =  1 per Shared ad
Be recommended =  1 for every Recommend
Post An Ad   = 10 per approved
Like an ad   = 1 for every Liked ad

c.  A total of 30 x iPad 2’s, 20 iPhone 4’s and P1,000,000 in cash will be given away as prizes for the promo:

Weekly Draws:  Three (3) iPad 2’s and two (2) iPhone 4’s
Grand Draw: Php1,000,000

So hurry and join now!  Promo runs until November 6, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Unofficial Blogapalooza Survival Guide

If local tattoo artists and aficionados has a yearly event called Dutdutan and rock bands and headbangers stages what is known as Summer Slam, Pinoy bloggers have definitely found a grand gathering they can call their own after the success of the first ever Blogapalooza at Fully Booked – Bonifacio Global City last September 17, 2009.

With its high rating in the fun meter and calls from both participants and non-participants (those who heard about the event) for a repeat soon, the experience promises to be an annual happening for years to come.

It is for this reason that I feel like there is a necessity to come up with an Unofficial Blogapalooza Survival Guide for would be delegates, first-timers and repeaters, to the next episodes of this ultra cool event where the 150 “most influential” bloggers got a chance to meet with 50 established and up-and-coming businesses.  The innovative idea came after Vince Golangco of When In Manila thought of giving the companies asking for blog features a better flatform to reach out with bloggers and online readers. Thus, Blogapalooza was born!   And boy, oh boy, did we celebrate it in style! 

To easily remember this guide that I made, I will rundown my list using the name of the event. The tips are based on my experience during the occasion. So if you want to make sure you’ll have an awesome and memorable moment, just think BLOGAPALOOZA.

Be sure you are there.  If you registered for the event, take all necessary steps to be physically present at Blogapalooza.  I heard that around 20 registrants were not able to attend (so sayang for them and bloggers on the waiting list).  But of course, some unavoidable reasons do come out when you are about to hit the “Go” button.  So what will you miss in case you are absent in Blogapalooza? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

Leave home early.
  It is in Blogapalooza that I realized that the I-thought-then-was-a-cheesy-saying “the early bird catches the worm” rewards those who follow it.  Well, the first 50 bloggers got extra gifts and double chance in the raffle.  If I only was there before the cut-off, I could have had a cool limited edition umbrella and was not soaked after the event (yes, it rained that day to coincide with the shower of prizes and freebies that afternoon) or I could have been that lucky guy whose raffle stub was called twice with the option to choose between a portable mini-speaker he earlier won and a Tripologie luggage on the second time he was called.

Organize your things.  You can skip this tip only if you’re an octopus.  There are so many things that will get your attention at the event that you’ll find yourself in situations like taking a photo of a speaker while shaking the hand of a newfound friend after giving a card to a sponsor and nodding to another blogger who just pointed to you where the free bottled water and burgers are situated.  Good thing I was able to program my self before the event that all things on my right hip are expensive like my android phone and wallet while I have my handkerchief and comb on the other side which pickpockets are free to get if they even dare.

Grab a chair.  Secure a seat as if you are getting that ".com" domain names for your blogs.  I tell you, it’s not only a chair--- it will be your home base for the duration of Blogapalooza.  Who wants to roam around the venue with the magazines, flyers, umbrella and other freebies you got from the registration booth?  Leave your things on the chair before you make the rounds but make sure to say hi and “paki” to your seatmates who will be forced to guard your belongings until you come back.  Be kind enough to give back the favor if he/ she would do the same thing.

Answer the call of nature during program breaks.  Unless you’re not really interested in winning instant prizes like back packs, pairs of shoes, gift certificates and other cool freebies, you can frequent the comfort room anytime you want.  At Blogapalooza, you should listen attentively to every presenter who might end up to be your wish granter of a thingie you have always been dreaming of.  If you happen to be in the “unloading station” when your name is called during the raffle… goodbye prizes!

Put a smile on your face. 
Think about this: you are in the event with 100+ bloggers and 50+ sponsors and for sure, you want to invite them to view your blog/s.  The easiest way to do get someone’s attention is to put a smile on your cheeks.  Isn’t it that we would more likely to approach someone who has a friendly and happy face than somebody who has a rainbow shape lips and meeting eyebrows.  Remember that Halloween should only be celebrated once a year.

Always turn on your camera during the program.  Of all numbers, one sponsor picked a piece of paper from the fish bowl-full of raffle stubs bearing the number 09… or 60.  It just happened that both holders of the said numbers were present in the exhibitors hall.  How do you resolve who should win the Php 5,000 worth of backpack?  Play the Rock Paper Scissors game!  It was one classic impromptu "match" fitting two bloggers slugging it out for a coveted gift.  I was not quick enough to capture the moment because my digital camera was turned off that time to save battery life.

Listen to the presentations. Don’t just attend Blogpalooza for the freebies and raffle.  There are other great reasons to be there like meeting new friends and learning new stuff.  Presentations can also be entertaining like the way people from LazerXtreme went up on stage ala-Mission Impossible and how a guy from CreatiVoices showcased his skills of changing his voice numerous times for an amusing skit.  He even confessed that he was the voice behind ALL the characters in a popular kiddie TV commercial of a local hotdog brand.

Offer your Blog card.  You never know how far your blog card will go but you have greater chances of getting a response from a sponsor if you have one.  The presenters are definitely looking for bloggers who will help promote their respective products and services.  That’s why they are at Blogapalooza in the first place.  Just make sure your card doesn’t look like a motel discount card or text heavy like a pamphlet.

Observe for sidelights.
  Blogapalooza offers a lot of things that will keep you moving the whole afternoon.  So I suggest that you refrain from just sitting on your chair from the moment you arrived to the time you will get your lot bag.  First, I pity the chair. Second, there are things that you should not miss.  In the first Blogapalooza, we were amazed by the skills of a pole dancer, amused by the creativeness of Mr. Kamerman and  surprised by someone from HTC who intentionally dropped a unit of the expensive phone just to illustrate the toughness of their phone.

Zooming to the loot bag counter is not necessary.  No need to practice your running skills and boxing out ability just to get your oh sooo full-packed loot backs (note that there is an "s"... meaning you’ll get more than one bag since one was not enough to hold all the freebies) because the organizers assure that their is an alloted loot bags for everyone. Of course, we can’t blame those people who are just too excited to see what’s inside the bags and wanted to have the first crack.  Who’s not?

Attend again next year.  I want to make it a tradition to attend every staging of Blogapalooza if possible.  I can see big potentials for bloggers to meet new partners for possible ventures and prospective sponsors for contests and events.  But the real reason why I want to do this is because the first Blogapalooza experience is really that great that I want more!

If I would be asked to write a book about my Blogapalooza experience, I think I already have a great title and it might be an instant hit among bloggers.  Below is my draft cover of the said book:

Below are the main characters of the book. which hopefully will interest a publisher and have it printed. There were scores of friendly faces and interestin individuals during Blogapalooza and here are the people who caught my attention the most.

A guy who is willing to drop a brand new unit of a latest phone model on the floor and will still smile

The friendliest polecat of them all --- all stunts, no bite

Mr. Kameraman and his amazing backpack--- shoot and print while you wait.

A down-to-earth CEO who is also a basketball fan

... and the cool DJ/ blogger who started it all!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Win 1 of 5 Blackberry weekly from Close-up

Do you want to own a brand new Blackberry Curve?

Of course, yes! Right?

Now, here's what you gonna do, just the FB fan page of Close-up Philippines and share how it feels like using the Fire-Freeze variant of Close-up in your most creative ways.

Here's a sample entry:

“Fire-Freeze is awesome, it feels like having a toaster and an aircon inside my mouth! And my breath stays fresh all day! #277ZU#”

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to indicate the #277ZU# code so your entries will be valid.

Your entry will automatically be posted on your wall when you click “Submit & Publish.”

The week’s top 5 winners will be announced every Thursday where each of the lucky souls will get a brand new spanking Blackberry!

Week 5 Period:   Oct 9 - Oct 15
Announcement of Winners: Oct 20, Thursday

Week 6  Period:  Oct16 - Oct 22
Announcement of Winners:  Oct 27, Thursday

Friday, September 30, 2011

FREE LG Optimus Me Smartphone from Citibank

Do you want to own a Smartphone but you don't have enough money to buy one?

Then, use your credit card!

You don't have a credit card? Perfect!

Citibank is giving away FREE LG Optimus Me Smartphone for customers who do not have an existing primary and locally issued Citibank Credit Card or have not had one in the last six (6) months.  If you're not interested, you may opt to get the 2-year no annual fee scheme instead

Interested? Just click HERE.

Why such a short post? Because today September 30, 2011 is the last day to avail the promo!

Go na! Now na!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gingersnap's Warehouse Sale 2011

Gingersnap fans, here's the good news you've been waiting for!

The much-awaited Gingersnap's Warehouse Sale 2010 is already ongoing until September 25, 2011.

My wife is a fan of the brand 'coz she loves the style and fit of the preggy outfits of GS when she was still carrying our little Charles in her tummy. This year, it will be "all Charles" clothes once we invade their warehouse maybe this weekend if our sked will allow us. But we just hope that there will be more items for boys. In the recent summer sale, we only manage to get a couple of shirt. Lucky for those who has baby girls since they have a wide-range of great clothing to choose from.

What makes us excited about the sale? Check the prices of the GS items at malls like SM. They are a bit pricey because of the quality and designs. Maganda naman talaga. In their annual sale, you can get items below P100 that still looks it is worth a thousand pesos. I have no reason to exaggerate nor to hard sell GS since I don't know anyone working in their company. It's just our way of spreading the good news to all moms and dads out their who are looking for better cloths at lower prices and also for those soon-to-be-parents and not yet parents in search for good gifts for the coming holidays.

TIP: If you want the items to look that you got them from a GS store or from the mall, buy GS gift boxes (there are diff. designs to choose from) that are also sold at the warehouse at Php 30 each. Price is based from our last year's visit.

Attached is the map going to the Gingersnap Warehouse. They are open from 8 am to 4 pm. Their address is Warehouse 19, Armal Compound 2, M.Eusebio Ave., San Miguel, Pasig City Call 570-9272 to 76 / 570-9278 to 81 for more information :-)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astig Machismis Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Before I announced the winners, I would like to thank first everyone who joined my mini birthday giveaway.  

I really had a fun time reading your entries and had a hard time deciding on the winners.  That's why, instead of two (2) winners, I have chosen four (4) winners.  But choosing the final four was also a little stressful since I have six favorites among the entry senders.

So what did I do to pick the lucky four among the six finalist? Well, Mr. is the easiest way out I can think of.  The finalist are (in alphabetical order) Agus, Arra, Bags, Edna P., Gems and Louie.

I placed all there name in the online raffle tambyolo and viola!  I got my four winners.  First two names on the list will each win a brand new Imarflex Electric Kettle and a limited edition Dream Works shirt.  Nos. 3 and 4 will each get Php 500 worth of GC from either Flawless or Skin Metro and a limited edition Disney movie notebook.   

Drum rolls, please.  And the winners are...

To the winners, kindly send me an email via along with your complete name, address and contact info so I can inform you on how to claim your prizes.  To the non-winners, better luck next time because I will definitely come out with more promos in the future.  Again, thank you to everyone who supported and joined my contest.

For reference, below is the mechanics of our just concluded promo:

It's that time of year again! Getting older and a little more wiser (I hope).  So here I present my birthday giveaway to all my dear avid readers and followers!

Just follow the simple mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all followers of any of my blogs:

2. To be eligible to the giveaway, just answer this simple question:

"What is your favorite shirt? and why?

3. IMPORTANT: Your answer should be placed as a comment on my blog entry, "What's the Story on your chest?" Click the title/ link to be directed to the said post.

4.  You can submit multiple entries provided that you'll have a different answer in each of your comment.

5. Submission of entries is until September 15, 2011 (11:59 pm).  Winners will be announced within two weeks after the contest deadline.

Share the PMAP video, mobile phone giveaway!

Share the 48th PMAP Annual Conference official video on your Facebook wall and get a chance to win 1 of 5 mobile phones.

Here's the simple mechanics:

1. Like the PMAP Annual Conference FB fan page.

2. Share the video and the status message, “Tao Muna, Tayo! Be part of biggest gathering of people managers and HR practitioners in the country at the 48th @PMAP Annual Conference at Cagayan de Oro City from October 12-14, 2011. Get a chance to win 1 of 5 mobile phones to be given away”

(Here's the Youtube link of the video:

3. Make sure that PMAP Annual Conference will turn to blue texts when you add the “@” symbol to be included in the raffle.

4. Tag 5 of your friends.

5. Multiple entries will be accepted provided that a new set of 5 friends will be tagged on your next entries. Deadline of entries is until 11:59 pm of October 11, 2011.

6.Winners will be announced on October 15, 2011.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Proactiv and a Chance to Watch American Idol Tour


A big event will be happening in Manila next month and we can already hear the drum rolls.

The American Idol Live Tour 2011 will be held at the Big Dome and Pinoy avid fans of the hit show can't wait to see reigning champion Scotty McCreery and batch mates which includes Filipina Thia Megia. Well, here's a good news to their fans: you can actually watch this big concert for FREE. Yes, you heard me right, folks.

Proactiv Solution, the #1 anti acne system in America with 15 million users all over the world has a cool promotion.  Just buy a Proactiv kit and get a chance to win FREE Reserved-seat tickets to AI concert the Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 20, 2011.  How's that for an offer. You'll not only gonna have a clear and acne-free skin, you'll also be able to see your idols live. 

Each Proactiv kit contains the following:

Step 1-Renewing Cleanser
Step 2-Revitalizing Toner
Step 3-Repairing Treatment, and Free Refining Mask. Proactiv Solution is guaranteed to work for you: first, to treat your pimples now and second, to prevent future breakouts--- or you get your money back!

Everyone wants to have a great looking skin because it not only boost one's confidence but it also shows that you are taking care of your self. Thousands all over the world have shared their stories about the great wonder that is Proactiv.

In this case, Proactiv Solutions will be like your 2-in-1 ticket to great looking skin and to the hottest event in town.  The grand winner will win two (2) Lower Box regular tickets worth Php 5,810.00 each plus three consolation prize winners of two (2) Upper Box B tickets each.  Proactiv is not a sponsor of the event.  The tickets were directly purchased from Ticketnet, official ticketing agent of the concert.

Here's the complete mechanics for those interested to avail of this promotion:

1. Buy Proactiv kit from any of the participating outlets from August 20-September 9, 2011.
        a.  Proactiv Online Shop –
        b.  Proactiv Hotline – 729-2222 or 1-800-8-729-8888
        c.  Proactiv Mall Kiosks (Glorietta, Trinoma, Robinsons, Galleria, Marquee Mall, Alphaland 
             Southgate Mall, Shoppes @Victoria Timog, and Il Terrazzo Mall.)
        d.  Selected SM Department Stores (SM Megamall, SM Makati, SM North EDSA, SM Mall of
             Asia, and SM Cubao)

2.  If you buy Proactiv at the mall kiosks or at SM Department stores, be sure to fill-out the Official Raffle Entry form and submit this to the Proactiv Promodiser on duty.

3.  Only purchases from August 20-September 9 are eligible to be considered in the raffle. Each Proactiv 30-day kit is equivalent to 1 raffle entry, and each Proactiv 60-day kit is equivalent to 2 raffle entries. Electronic raffle will commence on September 13 in the presence of FDA official, and winner will be notified immediately via email and phone call.

4.  You must keep the Official Receipt of your purchase because you will need to show this upon claiming. Deadline for claiming is September 19, 2011.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Win an iPad2 from Nasaan si Aga? promo

Aga with Pinoy Explorer Director Rowell Santiago
We had a general cleaning at home last weekend and was surprised with the loot of toys that we have bought for our 2-year old son in the last 24 months.
I said to my wife, "Pwede na ko magtayo ng toy store."

Since December is just around the corner, I am just waiting for the annual Christmas toy donation drive by a leading fastfood chain to be announced and I think I have a box-full of playthings to donate.

Btw, nasaan na nga ba si Aga Muhlach?  Unless you are living under a rock, you know that he is the face of the worthy cause that has made thousands of less fortunate kids happy during the holidays for so many years.

I think TV 5 has heard my plea and sent me an invite to a launching of a TV show and an exciting promotion where a lucky soul can win an iPad 2.  Here's the actual PR that I got from the event.

Aga is leaving the country and everyone is wondering where he is going. Anyone can take a guess, but TV5 makes the guessing a lot more fun and exciting with the launch of the “Nasaan Si Aga?” text and Twitter promo which runs from August 10 to September 1, 2011.

The challenge lies in guessing where Aga is going via clues that will gradually be revealed in newspaper print ads and through the promo’s official website To join the “Nasaan Si Aga?” text promo, interested participants can register by texting AGA REG <Name/Address> to 2929. Registration is free! To start guessing Aga’s whereabouts, participants can text AGA <answer> to 2929 and earn one raffle entry for each answer sent. The text promo is open to all Smart, Sun and Globe subscribers. Tariff rates apply.

For the “Nasaan Si Aga?” Twitter promo, participants can visit and start earning raffle entries by tweeting using the #nasaansiaga hashtag. Each Twitter user earns one raffle entry regardless of how many tweets made. The profile photos of participants who tweet using the #nasaansiaga hashtag will be collated by a program to form a mosaic that will gradually show an image of Aga’s location. The mosaic can be viewed on the official website. The more tweets, the faster the image will form. Upon reaching 10,000 tweets, the complete image will be revealed.

At the end of the promo on September 1, 2011, one Twitter user from the mosaic will be chosen as the winner of a brand new Apple iPad2. The “Nasaan Si Aga?” text promo winner of an Asian adventure for 2 will also be announced during an event in September.

So, as Aga sets off to leave for his unknown destination, get ready to start guessing and join the mobile and online craze that will surely test your mind on where he has gone to. Joining is easy and the actual guessing game makes it all the more fun.

The “Nasaan Si Aga?” promo is per DTI permit no. 5733 (for mobile promo) and no. 5913 (for Twitter promo). See print ads and visit for details.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reveal Your Darksiede and conquer a loot of cool gadgets

Everyone has a dark side.

Well, if you ask me, I'm dark in all sides due to the law of genetics that parents who both have don't white complexion has big probability of having a child with dark skin.

But seriously, it's okay to have a dark side within each of us.  All of us has a fantasy in life, right? Some things are just impossible to attain that's why the best thing we could do is to forever carry that dream in our heart and mind.  That's why me, i have an alter ego that I only get to meet inside the bathroom.

And you know why it is much much okay to reveal your dark side nowadays? Well, it might win you a loot of cool gadgets that you've always been dreaming of.  B.U.M equipment is inviting everyone to dare take their challenge in there Reveal Your Darkside contest.

Here's the mechanics to all interested souls:

1. Contestants must be a Filipino citizen aged 13 and up.

2. Create a character and design costumes based from anime, role playing games, movies etc. based on the following genre of cosplay to be portrayed. Character & Costume designed must be Emo and Gothic inspired (BUM image related).

3. BUM products (apparel) should be the core component to the costume design based on the character of choice. Bum products are available at Bum Boutiques and leading Department Stores nationwide.

4. Costumes may be enhanced by accessories such as; wigs, make-up, contact lenses, props, etc, based on the character of choice.

5. Computer graphics may also be used in the photo layout to enhance the costume/character. (BUM logo must be prominently seen within the photo).

6. Photographs must adhere to the following guidelines to be approved and uploaded:

    It must be clear and not blurred.
    It must be focused on one person only who is wearing the
    It must be in portrait orientation.
    It must be in JPEG/PNG/GIF file format and not more than   
    It must not have any brand/logos present on it, other than
        of BUM.

7. Contestants must agree to the terms and conditions before they submit their photo entries together with their full name, birthdate, complete address, valid email address, mobile no. and character inspiration at

8. A contestant may submit as many entries as long as it’s a different character/costume.

9. BUM Management and the website administrator shall screen the entries. Entries should not contain any creepy, cute, cuddly and the likes before uploading and posting at BUM’s website.

10. Winning costumes entries (complete set) must be submitted or sent at Bum’s Corporate office 3rd Flr., # 86 Jade Bldg., Chico Road, cor., Mc Arthur Highway Potrero Malabon City on or before November 7, 2011, in preparation for its showcase during Bum’s fashion show in November  2011.

11. Costumes submitted automatically becomes the property of BUM, in whatever purpose it may serve the brand.

12. Should a contestant decide to “post” or “share” their photos on Facebook, Twitter or any other website without the knowledge and controls of BUM, BUM shall not in any way responsible for whatever consequences and or any sort of comments allowing himself/herself to be the subject of varying comments, view and opinions of people, which may be express or relayed not just at BUM’s Facebook Fan page, but in other ways and medium, including but not limited to blogs. In such cases BUM Management & the website administrator will not be in any way held responsible and whatsoever in the dissemination of such.

13. Promo period August 8, 2011 to October 30, 2011. Announcement of winners will be in October 31, 2011. Liking period is August 8, 2011 to October 30, 2011.


All entries must be received not later than 11:59 p.m. of October 15, 2011. BUM will not responsible for any technical delay in the transmission of the entries. All entries must be submitted via


1. Anyone who visits BUM website can "like" once for any entry.

A facebook account is needed to like.

2. Liking starts once approved entries are posted on BUM's website and ends October 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM.

3. Likes executed at BUM’s website will be considered valid.

4. Top 10 entries with most likes get to win prizes.

Prizes at stake are as follows:

Grand Prize
i. Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera
ii. BUM Loot Bag

2nd Prize
i. Blackberry 3G Phone
ii. BUM Loot Bag

3rd Prize
i. Samsung ES80 Camera
ii. BUM Loot Bag

Remaining 7 entries will get PHP1000 worth of BUM items and Loot bag.

10 winners' creations will be featured at Bum’s fashion in November.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FREE invites to Mang Inasal Bloggers Night

Do you love food and music and blogs about your adventures?

If you say yes, here's an invitation that is surely hard to resist: Mang Inasal Bloggers Night at Teatrino Promenade, Greenhills on August 1, 2011 (5pm to 9 pm).

We love Mang Inasal for providing us quality Filipino food at affordable prices. But now, you’ll have two new reasons to love Mang Inasal even more!

Mang Inasal will be launching two great campaigns:

I Love OPM: The Mang Inasal Mang Aawit Launch
I love the Asus Transformers Promo

What to expect that night:

a. Jamming/ Videoke Sessions with Artists/ Bloggers
b. Table Rotation (Interviews and Socialization)
c. Games, Trivia, and Raffles
d. Preview to the music of the Mang Inasal Mang Aawit

Now, aside from the great food that will be serve, you'll have a chance to meet and greet and witness the wonderful talents of up-and-coming and established OPM artists that will sure rock the house. 

If you're a blogger and is interested to join the fun, just leave a comment below with your name, URL and email address.  Our friends from Mang Insal will send invites any time soon. So sign up na, now na!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am a Certified Foodie!

Believe it or not, Pizza is older than the Philippines.  That is if we will based such statement to the historical findings that this food has existed since time immemorial in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. By 997 the term had appeared in Medieval Latin, and in 16th century Naples a Galette flatbread was referred to as a pizza. A dish of the poor people, it was sold in the street and was not considered a kitchen recipe for a long time.

Today, this food treat "intended" for poor people is a favorite of people from all walks in like.  You live in a mansion or a high-end condominium and still crave for a bite of a slice of this mouth-watering dish, whatever the toppings are (My personal favorites are pineapples and/ or mushrooms).  Same goes with the masa who can get a slice or two for less than P50 from  fast food chains or stand alone stalls in their neighborhood.

I am a certified foodie. And on top of my fave hunger buster is pizza.  For one, it was the very first meal that I shared with my wife.  Now, it has always been a tradition that we eat pizza for special occasions for the sentimental reason or just simply because of it's unique and delicious taste and presence in almost all menus.

Join Certified Foodies’ First Anniversary Giveway where you can win gift certificates, food gift packs, cash prizes and even a food trip date with the foodie siblings! To join, click on the banner above. And we’d like to thank these generous sponsors…

Major Sponsors:

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unilab Ideas Positive: A competition and advocacy in one

I am really quite amused and amazed of what kids can do this days.

Early this year, someone invented a double-headed broom to collect large debris and fine dust simultaneously. I was floored (no pun intended) when I found out from BBC that a 5-year old boy from UK named Sam Houghton invented it to help his father sweep leaves in their front yard.

Reminds of a remarkable feat accomplished last year by a group of students who called themselves Team Biggkas of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). These smart and young advocates bagged the grand prize of the Unilab Ideas Positive program for its farm-in-the-city concept. Thre group introduced teaching hydroponics gardening to mothers in Barangay San Joaquin in Pasig City (my home town) so they have their own sustainable source of vegetables within the community. Mothers made their first harvest of lettuce and kangkong in April this year. The local government of Pasig City has expressed a desire to replicate the same program in other barangays.

Inspring, right?

Well, the good news is Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing competition for college/university students in Metro Manila and Calabarzon areas is again accepting entries this year.

The program encourages college students who want to make a difference to form a team, and think of a solution to a community's health and wellness problems. Just like in 2010, The winning team will get seed funding from Unilab of PhP100,000 so they can implement their social marketing plan. Two runner-ups will get PhP75,000 each for their own implementation. Of course, the winning groups will also receive cash prizes for themselves and trophy for the school.

Interested students can form a team of five and submit their idea through until July 18. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen to undergo a 3-day camp in August where social marketing thought-leaders led by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida and social marketing guru Dr. Eduardo ‘Ned’ Roberto will help teams to firm up their social marketing plans.

Wow! This sounds exciting. If only I am 10 years younger and enrolled in college, I can brainstorm ideas with my buddies and join this worthwhile competition which is actually more of an advocacy of Unilab, a world-class company which has been known to promote the Bayanihan spirit, the Filipino trait of working together to achieve a common goal.

Five finalists teams will be chosen to defend their plans on Sept 18 before a multi-sector panel of judges that will pick the team that wins the seed money from Unilab.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Win a Date win your favorite Azkal

Image taken from
Oh how time really flies so fast.

It will be July by next week and the first half of 2011 will be officially over. Another June has passed and a friend failed again in her bid to become a June bride.

Well, here's a good news for her and all the single ladies looking for a man they can call their own. Although this contest that I'll about to reveal would give you a chance to own a hunk on a limited time only but the prize you'll get will definitely make other girls go like salivating bitches (female dogs for the conservatives) --- a date with you're favorite Azkal.

Check the clipping I got from Manila Bulletin today:

So take your pick among Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich, and feel like a July bride for a day--- it may not be a for keeps relationship (but who knows?) but the experience would be a moment forever chiseled on your heart (sue me if found out someone died because of that cheesy part).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bye Bye Bad Photos Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera

Just got my PC fixed last weekend and now I’ll have to re-install again some of the software that I frequently use. It was reformatted since the virus that my desktop caught was one hard-headed pest.

But you know what, I was actually having fun browsing to my “born again” PC which was delivered to me with only the recycle bin icon posted on my wallpaper. This gave me an opportunity to visit each of the folders saved in my back-up files and delete some unwanted clutter.

I found out that for more than three years, I’ve been keeping quite a handful of photos that are big in size but are a bit of a nonsense. Just to give you an idea, I have a 3mb photo of myself with only half of my face while eating in a restaurant. I remembered this was taken in Eastwood while waiting for my friends. I took photos of just about anything inside our meeting place which includes a bored fellow in office uniform--- that would be me.

If only I had a camera that has a dual screen feature found at the front side and back side so I can easily preview self-portraits, making sure that I am part of every frame I take. Actually the Samsung ST700, the latest model of Samsung’s 2View Camera Series offers such feature plus two other innovations: (1) built in “Child Mode” where you can download or create your own animation to keep your little ones smiling and entertained when you take their photos and (2) the “Jump Shot” feature which offers a visual count down in its front LCD screen, before taking three quick shots of you and you buddies jumping and smiling. This is fun, fun, fun!

The good news is Samsung Camera has an exciting Facebook promo that aims to put an end to bad photos. Join Samsung Camera’s Bye Bye Bad Photo and say hello to a Samsung ST700!

You can send up to three entries (Wrong Angle, Jump Shot Fail, Baby Gets Bored) in one registration for more chances of winning one (1) out of three (3) Samsung ST700! Well, this is one contest that a bad photo can bring good chances of winning a innovative cool gadget.

Btw, here's my entry. This is an unedited photo which my wife took on the morning of my son's 2nd birthday. We want to document my son's first activities as a just-turned-2- year-old toddler. He just woke up and my wife told me to put him on my lap and say cheese. My wife took time in getting a good angle and when she pressed the button on the camera, she captured this funny photo instead.

Hopefully, no more boring photo session with my son next time because I don't know if he'll be happy to see amusing photos like that when he grows up. If you wish to support my entry, just click HERE. One big thank you for every one who will vote :-)

If you want to join the contest or would like to know more information, just visit Samsung Cameras PH Fanpage.