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Monday, August 15, 2011

Win an iPad2 from Nasaan si Aga? promo

Aga with Pinoy Explorer Director Rowell Santiago
We had a general cleaning at home last weekend and was surprised with the loot of toys that we have bought for our 2-year old son in the last 24 months.
I said to my wife, "Pwede na ko magtayo ng toy store."

Since December is just around the corner, I am just waiting for the annual Christmas toy donation drive by a leading fastfood chain to be announced and I think I have a box-full of playthings to donate.

Btw, nasaan na nga ba si Aga Muhlach?  Unless you are living under a rock, you know that he is the face of the worthy cause that has made thousands of less fortunate kids happy during the holidays for so many years.

I think TV 5 has heard my plea and sent me an invite to a launching of a TV show and an exciting promotion where a lucky soul can win an iPad 2.  Here's the actual PR that I got from the event.

Aga is leaving the country and everyone is wondering where he is going. Anyone can take a guess, but TV5 makes the guessing a lot more fun and exciting with the launch of the “Nasaan Si Aga?” text and Twitter promo which runs from August 10 to September 1, 2011.

The challenge lies in guessing where Aga is going via clues that will gradually be revealed in newspaper print ads and through the promo’s official website To join the “Nasaan Si Aga?” text promo, interested participants can register by texting AGA REG <Name/Address> to 2929. Registration is free! To start guessing Aga’s whereabouts, participants can text AGA <answer> to 2929 and earn one raffle entry for each answer sent. The text promo is open to all Smart, Sun and Globe subscribers. Tariff rates apply.

For the “Nasaan Si Aga?” Twitter promo, participants can visit and start earning raffle entries by tweeting using the #nasaansiaga hashtag. Each Twitter user earns one raffle entry regardless of how many tweets made. The profile photos of participants who tweet using the #nasaansiaga hashtag will be collated by a program to form a mosaic that will gradually show an image of Aga’s location. The mosaic can be viewed on the official website. The more tweets, the faster the image will form. Upon reaching 10,000 tweets, the complete image will be revealed.

At the end of the promo on September 1, 2011, one Twitter user from the mosaic will be chosen as the winner of a brand new Apple iPad2. The “Nasaan Si Aga?” text promo winner of an Asian adventure for 2 will also be announced during an event in September.

So, as Aga sets off to leave for his unknown destination, get ready to start guessing and join the mobile and online craze that will surely test your mind on where he has gone to. Joining is easy and the actual guessing game makes it all the more fun.

The “Nasaan Si Aga?” promo is per DTI permit no. 5733 (for mobile promo) and no. 5913 (for Twitter promo). See print ads and visit for details.

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  1. Now this is cool! winning an Ipad for a cause is just Great! nice post, dear!

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