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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Astig Machismis Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Before I announced the winners, I would like to thank first everyone who joined my mini birthday giveaway.  

I really had a fun time reading your entries and had a hard time deciding on the winners.  That's why, instead of two (2) winners, I have chosen four (4) winners.  But choosing the final four was also a little stressful since I have six favorites among the entry senders.

So what did I do to pick the lucky four among the six finalist? Well, Mr. is the easiest way out I can think of.  The finalist are (in alphabetical order) Agus, Arra, Bags, Edna P., Gems and Louie.

I placed all there name in the online raffle tambyolo and viola!  I got my four winners.  First two names on the list will each win a brand new Imarflex Electric Kettle and a limited edition Dream Works shirt.  Nos. 3 and 4 will each get Php 500 worth of GC from either Flawless or Skin Metro and a limited edition Disney movie notebook.   

Drum rolls, please.  And the winners are...

To the winners, kindly send me an email via along with your complete name, address and contact info so I can inform you on how to claim your prizes.  To the non-winners, better luck next time because I will definitely come out with more promos in the future.  Again, thank you to everyone who supported and joined my contest.

For reference, below is the mechanics of our just concluded promo:

It's that time of year again! Getting older and a little more wiser (I hope).  So here I present my birthday giveaway to all my dear avid readers and followers!

Just follow the simple mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all followers of any of my blogs:

2. To be eligible to the giveaway, just answer this simple question:

"What is your favorite shirt? and why?

3. IMPORTANT: Your answer should be placed as a comment on my blog entry, "What's the Story on your chest?" Click the title/ link to be directed to the said post.

4.  You can submit multiple entries provided that you'll have a different answer in each of your comment.

5. Submission of entries is until September 15, 2011 (11:59 pm).  Winners will be announced within two weeks after the contest deadline.


  1. joining your giveaway! am a followe of all your blogs via GFC {using jared's mum} + a liker of your Facebook Page {using vix parungao}

    I left a comment on your T-shirt post about my fave shirt, too!

    Happy birthday + here's to a successful giveaway! :)

  2. Finally, I won! Thanks much! *clap*

  3. Sayang! hehehe di bale may susunod pa namang contests

  4. waaaaaah!im the 5th!wla b kht bolpen lang?LOL....