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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mapanghingi ka ba? Readers win Kitchen Showcase

One of the best feeling that anyone can experience is the joy of winning.

Whether it's cash from a raffle draw or a gadget from an online promotion, the happiness of being "I'm lucky today!" is such a moment worth reminiscing that you wish for more to come.

That's why I was surprised to find out that two of my blog readers actually won the top spots of the nationwide contest Electrolux Man Knock on Your Door video contest.  Ronald De Lima and Samuel Duque each won a kitchen showcase composed of a 3-door ref, gas range, coffee maker and a microwave oven.  See their winning videos below:

I was just happy that through my blog, I made two people spend a happier Christmas this year with a truck-load of winnings (literally and figuratively).  Thus, I got a shower of praises and thank yous from them:

Ronald: "Thanks Richard for convincing me to join this video contest. I never thought I could win this one...I thought of backing out but you and my wife convinced me otherwise."

Samuel: "Thank you, thank you talaga! Two years na akong hinihiritan ng mommy ko ng gas range. At eto sa pagsali ko pala sa contest matutupad."

And as I promised that if at least twenty (20) of my readers will join in this contest, I will raffle off some prizes to the participants.  I personally choose the videos of Bobzkie and Nova from the non-winning entries. Both of you will win a laptop bag each. Please email your contact info and mailing address to

Thank you to all who have joined and happy holidays to everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does your Kumare deserve to Win?

I was so lazy to go to work one morning that I found myself lying like a dead wood on the sofa while channel surfing the TV.

I was so lazy that the length of intervals of me changing the channel using the remote control is every almost 10 seconds.

I was so lazy that I when the RC fell down on the floor, I did not bother picking it up.

Then there was Kumare Klub on TV 5.  The new morning show, which airs every weekdays at 7:00 am, that offers an hour of rich information and solutions for mothers’ dilemmas at home plus do-it-yourself tips and health information for moms and children.  It stars the trio of Amy Perez, Cristine Bersola and Chiqui Roa Puno.  Among the three, the last Chiqui was the one who made me lift my lazy ass off the sofa.

Chiqui has this Chuiqui Chiqui Dance Dance portion where she teaches a group of moms in the set, which viewers can follow popular and latest dance steps.  It's like ala-Billy Banks or Richard Simmons workout Pinoy-style.  And I am not ashamed to admit that Chiqui teached me how to dougie.

Other great segments in the show includes the nominate your kumare giveaway where TV viewers are invited to send a letter to the show regarding a kumare who they think deserves to win a surprise gift--- shopping spree, a complete make-over, vacation treat and others.

Now, if you think you have a kumare who deserves to be a queen for a day. Send an email to and indicate why she should be picked along with your name and contact details.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Win 10,000 worth of shopping spree for someone

If somebody gives you a Php 10,000 shopping money, what will you buy?

A gadget... an appliance... or new shoes and clothes, perhaps.

What if the said amount will be given to you but you need to donate it to someone who needs it more than you do, will you do it?

If your answer to the second question is a resounding yes, this promotion is for you!  The Philippine Star in cooperation with Robinsons Department store will make wishes of your love ones, friends and colleagues come true with their Be a Santa for Someone contest.

No purchase required. All you have to do is complete this message and email to on or before December 17. 

This Christmas, I want to surprise my _________________ with a _____________________ from Robinsons Department Store because _____________________________________________.

Name / Age of Entry Sender: 

Name / Age of Gift Recipient: 
Email and Mobile/ Landline Number of Sender:

Five lucky letter sender will be contacted the following week after the deadline. Winners will be published on the Dec. 30 issue of Philippine Star.

Monday, December 5, 2011

GMA Pasabay sa Pasko

Have you seen this bus? Catch it for a free ride this holiday season!

I was reading the news yesterday and was salivating over the latest gadgets, watches and apparels posted in full color ads.

I can only close my eyes and wish somebody will give at least one of them to me this Christmas or by divine intervention I'll wake up one day with all these goodies scaterred in our living room.

Well, Christmas season is here so definitely there are a lot of FREE stuff to come since many people becomes very generous when times like this come.

Take for example GMA News TV who is offering the Pasabay sa Pasko free bus rides to commuters. It started last November 14 and will be running until December 16 (Monday-Friday).

Catch their specially markes buses (parang tansan lang kung i-diecribe e, no?) as they round the route of SM Fairview and SM Mall of Asia and back! With GMA News TV Pasabay sa Pasko, you get a free, fast and quality bus ride during the Christmas Rush. Ride the Pasabay Bus for free and enjoy your Christmas shopping!