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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does your Kumare deserve to Win?

I was so lazy to go to work one morning that I found myself lying like a dead wood on the sofa while channel surfing the TV.

I was so lazy that the length of intervals of me changing the channel using the remote control is every almost 10 seconds.

I was so lazy that I when the RC fell down on the floor, I did not bother picking it up.

Then there was Kumare Klub on TV 5.  The new morning show, which airs every weekdays at 7:00 am, that offers an hour of rich information and solutions for mothers’ dilemmas at home plus do-it-yourself tips and health information for moms and children.  It stars the trio of Amy Perez, Cristine Bersola and Chiqui Roa Puno.  Among the three, the last Chiqui was the one who made me lift my lazy ass off the sofa.

Chiqui has this Chuiqui Chiqui Dance Dance portion where she teaches a group of moms in the set, which viewers can follow popular and latest dance steps.  It's like ala-Billy Banks or Richard Simmons workout Pinoy-style.  And I am not ashamed to admit that Chiqui teached me how to dougie.

Other great segments in the show includes the nominate your kumare giveaway where TV viewers are invited to send a letter to the show regarding a kumare who they think deserves to win a surprise gift--- shopping spree, a complete make-over, vacation treat and others.

Now, if you think you have a kumare who deserves to be a queen for a day. Send an email to and indicate why she should be picked along with your name and contact details.

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