Freebie Express: Kalalabas lang!

Monday, February 21, 2011

FREE Laptop Bag from Valvoline

When was the last time you said, sayang?

Me? Just a few minutes ago.  Well, not really a big sayang enough to make me sing Claire Dela Fuente's OPM classic.  But of course, for a Mapanghingi like me, anything FREE that just got away is sayang.

Here's the story.  Two weeks ago, my father-in-law asked me to buy 4 liters of motor oil because his car is scheduled for change oil.  Actually, he is not particular with the brand.  It just happened that the nearest gas station in our office is Shell so I purchased Helix.  If I know that Valvoline is giving away a FREE laptop bag for every four (4) liters or one (1) gallon of their product (please see image below), I could have gone to Ace Hardware instead.

Well, I am posting about this promo to save some of you out there from having the sayang feeling just in case you are planning to change the oil of your vehicle, or your BF, boss, your neighbor, office mate or frenemy, maybe.  Volunteer to buy the motor oil in their behalf and if they ask why, just say, "And why not?"

This promo runs until  April 25, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, I was that guy on Wish Ko Lang

I should have written about this last week but opted not because I am not sure if my readers are interested about my Wish Ko Lang experience.

But you know what, it's already almost a week since the show's Valentine's episode was aired and I still receive questions from friends and relatives via email, FB, and text messages if the couple featured on Wish Ko lang last Saturday was really me and Leah.

Allow me to do first the ala-Piolo Pascual pause and look in the sky gesture before confessing on The Buzz that KC is his GF... ahhh, yes. It was indeed us on Wish Ko Lang.

I know it did occur to me in the past the idea of having my wish come true courtesy of shows like the one being hosted by Ms. Vicky Morales but to have it come true...oh common! But it did, and in front of the Kapuso nation we shared our love story and a wish was granted on that very memorable 12th of February 2011.

Well, I know that if you're reading this post, you are a Mapanghingi like me so I just want to share how I was able to have my story on TV. It all started exactly a week before heart's day this year. My wife found out that her diamond necklace, the one we got from our first Valentine's date five years ago when we joined 99 other couples in kissing in public simultaneously during the Close-Up Lovapalooza event.

My wife was so upset for days not only because of the value of the necklace but also the sentimental reason behind it. So, the moment I got into our office last two Wednesdays ago, I tried eBay, Sulit, AyosDito and other online shopping sites to find a possible replacement. But the prices will definitely make me limping until the next payday if I dare purchase a new one.

Then I saw an message update from GMA News since I am subscribed to them and someone from my credit card company called me through my cellphone so I got to hear my ring tone "Last Resort" by Paparoach. GMA + Last Ressort = Wish Ko Lang?

In the next few minutes, I was composing a letter to the said program ( It was just a brief 4-paragraph letter that ends like, "Hindi ko man maibalik ang nawalang necklace ng asawa ko, maibalik ko man lang ang ngiti sa kanyang mukha ngayong Valentine's day"

Apologies, I won't be able to tell you what happens next or how GMA contacted me to preserve the secrecy of their process in selecting stories to be featured in their show.

What I can tell you is to write and send Wish Ko Lang your story and that something that you really wanted all your life, whether it's for your self or a love one, friend or even a stranger. The people who will read your story are just as ordinary as we are. They can feel the call of your heart, after all they're from the

I think, when they read my letter, they felt the sadness and hope of a husband who just want to make his wife happy. I did not asked for a kabuhayan showcase or a scholarship grant for our child or even a replacement for the lost necklace. I just want a little help to have a memorable date. To ride in a hot air balloon is something I can only see in my dreams and it did come true.

They did not only gave my wife a new diamond necklace but I believe she also felt in a way how I love her so much that I'll do anything to make her happy --- like being a B-actor for a day for the taping of the show (Ansarap din palang maging artista paminsan-minsan hehe).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Instant Php 500 worth of gift pack from Energizer and Banana Boat

UPDATE: I suggest to those who will claim their gift packs to call Energizer Ph office 631-8421 first because I have one reader who went there and was told they just run out of gift pack. But Energizer promised to contact her as soon as their new supplies comes.

Who wants instant Php 500 worth of gift pack from Banana Boat and Energizer? Just register and answer the survey... viola! May gift pack ka na!

Above is a snap shot of the gift pack that my wife got by just answering a simple survey from

For now, only one survey is available and it's for female members but I'll keep you posted when another survey is placed. I hope it's for the guys this time.

I'm posting it to those who are inquiring if this is a legit promo. Well, here's the proof.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mapanghingi ka ba? 1st Anniversary Giveaway

First times are always memorable. Some may be forgettable but still you will remember them simple because it's your first step... your first taste... your first try.

Well, another one close to my heart is turning one next month, a few days before my son Charles turns 2. Not to confuse you, the one I'm referring to who will turn a year older is our dearest blog Mapanghingi ka ba? It has been a year of giveaways, contests, promos and freebies but what I love about maintaining this blog are the friends I got to meet, online and in person, as I search and share promotions and free stuff to be featured here.

Thank you to those people who have made Mapanghingi ka ba? a venue to share information, ideas, fun stuff and friendship. Although there are still some SPAM messages from time to time, at least this blog has never been a forum for haters and perverts. Peace, love and rock n' roll always. After all, this is a world of freebies for every Juan.

For the Mapanghingi ka ba? 1st Anniversary giveaway, I'll be running a contest for the followers of this blog and Facebook fan page. I'll be giving away the following prizes below:

a. Laptop bag
b. Executive Planner
c. Desk calendar
d. A pair of Cricket lighters
e. Php 500 worth of PLDT Touch Card
f. VIP Pass for 6 persons to Klownz Comedy Bar
g. CleanShine Master Shoe Cleaner
h. Astring-O-Sol Ice Xtreme
i. Astring-O-Sol Lozenges (Box of 50) Exp. 07/12
j. Sensodyne Toothpaste
k. 2 pcs. Dove Beauty Bar
l. a copy of Jay-R's album
m. a copy of Popong Eats Brown Rice
n. a pad of sticky notes

To Join, here's the simple mechanics:

1. You should follow or subscribe to my blog Mapanghingi ka ba? and "Like" MKB Facebook fan page.

2. Just answer the question below in your most creative way— through a photo, a video, a blog post, a simple note or whatever you can think of as long as you can post the link either on the comment section of this post or on MKB Facebook wall. Anything goes as long as the entries are not foul and malicious.

Question: Mapanghingi ka ba?

3. Only one winner for all the prizes seen above.

4. You can send in as many entries as you can until 11:59 pm of March 7, 2011.

5. The winner will be announced on March 9, Mapanghingi ka ba? anniversary day, and should pick up the whole lot in my office in Mandaluyong City.

Optional: You can do this which I might also consider in picking the sole winner: "Like" the Student Desk FB fan page and then "Like" the photo of my son Charles via this LINK.

Valentine Contests 2011

A calendar is one of the most essential but often neglected tool of a working man. If you tell me today that it is already February, I might give my signature twisted eyebrow gesture and say, "Are you kidding me?" Good thing, I have three calendars in my cubicle plus another one in my cellphone to tell me that it's valid.

You see, that's how important calendars are to me. That's why I feel bad to let go of calendars feeling a little guilty that after a year of service, it's bye bye to them. But I keep some calendars with "special markings" due to sentimental considerations.

Looking at my desk calendar right now, I can see that I still don't have any decent wife for me and my wife come the 14th. Hmmm... this is not good since as early as January, she told me that she already have a gift in mind for me on Heart's day. Ka-guilty naman.

Anyways, while I'm still googling for possible places to be on Valentine's day, which falls on a Monday this year and always on a payday, I want to share to my readers some Valentine's contest that everyone can join. Good luck to all the gentlemen out there and I do hope that your GFs and wifeys will be happy with whatever you have prepared for them. I'm sure they won't mind if you just won the dinner date or the flowers you'll give them. Katas din yata ng pagmamahal ang mga 'yan :-)

Win a dinner date from Gelatone.

Win Php 5000 from Endure's Love Photo Contest

Win a box of three red roses to be sent to your love one from LBC Express

Win beauty products and other stuff by joining Who is your Crush? Make them Blush contest.

Win tickets to Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo's What Love Is Valentine Concert.

Win special gift packs from BLUED Valentine's Contest

Win cool prizes from's Valentine's giveaways!

I will add more on this post as soon as I stumble upon more Valentine's contest.