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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Contests 2011

A calendar is one of the most essential but often neglected tool of a working man. If you tell me today that it is already February, I might give my signature twisted eyebrow gesture and say, "Are you kidding me?" Good thing, I have three calendars in my cubicle plus another one in my cellphone to tell me that it's valid.

You see, that's how important calendars are to me. That's why I feel bad to let go of calendars feeling a little guilty that after a year of service, it's bye bye to them. But I keep some calendars with "special markings" due to sentimental considerations.

Looking at my desk calendar right now, I can see that I still don't have any decent wife for me and my wife come the 14th. Hmmm... this is not good since as early as January, she told me that she already have a gift in mind for me on Heart's day. Ka-guilty naman.

Anyways, while I'm still googling for possible places to be on Valentine's day, which falls on a Monday this year and always on a payday, I want to share to my readers some Valentine's contest that everyone can join. Good luck to all the gentlemen out there and I do hope that your GFs and wifeys will be happy with whatever you have prepared for them. I'm sure they won't mind if you just won the dinner date or the flowers you'll give them. Katas din yata ng pagmamahal ang mga 'yan :-)

Win a dinner date from Gelatone.

Win Php 5000 from Endure's Love Photo Contest

Win a box of three red roses to be sent to your love one from LBC Express

Win beauty products and other stuff by joining Who is your Crush? Make them Blush contest.

Win tickets to Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo's What Love Is Valentine Concert.

Win special gift packs from BLUED Valentine's Contest

Win cool prizes from's Valentine's giveaways!

I will add more on this post as soon as I stumble upon more Valentine's contest.

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