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Friday, June 24, 2011

Win a Date win your favorite Azkal

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Oh how time really flies so fast.

It will be July by next week and the first half of 2011 will be officially over. Another June has passed and a friend failed again in her bid to become a June bride.

Well, here's a good news for her and all the single ladies looking for a man they can call their own. Although this contest that I'll about to reveal would give you a chance to own a hunk on a limited time only but the prize you'll get will definitely make other girls go like salivating bitches (female dogs for the conservatives) --- a date with you're favorite Azkal.

Check the clipping I got from Manila Bulletin today:

So take your pick among Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich, and feel like a July bride for a day--- it may not be a for keeps relationship (but who knows?) but the experience would be a moment forever chiseled on your heart (sue me if found out someone died because of that cheesy part).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bye Bye Bad Photos Say Hello to a Samsung 2View Camera

Just got my PC fixed last weekend and now I’ll have to re-install again some of the software that I frequently use. It was reformatted since the virus that my desktop caught was one hard-headed pest.

But you know what, I was actually having fun browsing to my “born again” PC which was delivered to me with only the recycle bin icon posted on my wallpaper. This gave me an opportunity to visit each of the folders saved in my back-up files and delete some unwanted clutter.

I found out that for more than three years, I’ve been keeping quite a handful of photos that are big in size but are a bit of a nonsense. Just to give you an idea, I have a 3mb photo of myself with only half of my face while eating in a restaurant. I remembered this was taken in Eastwood while waiting for my friends. I took photos of just about anything inside our meeting place which includes a bored fellow in office uniform--- that would be me.

If only I had a camera that has a dual screen feature found at the front side and back side so I can easily preview self-portraits, making sure that I am part of every frame I take. Actually the Samsung ST700, the latest model of Samsung’s 2View Camera Series offers such feature plus two other innovations: (1) built in “Child Mode” where you can download or create your own animation to keep your little ones smiling and entertained when you take their photos and (2) the “Jump Shot” feature which offers a visual count down in its front LCD screen, before taking three quick shots of you and you buddies jumping and smiling. This is fun, fun, fun!

The good news is Samsung Camera has an exciting Facebook promo that aims to put an end to bad photos. Join Samsung Camera’s Bye Bye Bad Photo and say hello to a Samsung ST700!

You can send up to three entries (Wrong Angle, Jump Shot Fail, Baby Gets Bored) in one registration for more chances of winning one (1) out of three (3) Samsung ST700! Well, this is one contest that a bad photo can bring good chances of winning a innovative cool gadget.

Btw, here's my entry. This is an unedited photo which my wife took on the morning of my son's 2nd birthday. We want to document my son's first activities as a just-turned-2- year-old toddler. He just woke up and my wife told me to put him on my lap and say cheese. My wife took time in getting a good angle and when she pressed the button on the camera, she captured this funny photo instead.

Hopefully, no more boring photo session with my son next time because I don't know if he'll be happy to see amusing photos like that when he grows up. If you wish to support my entry, just click HERE. One big thank you for every one who will vote :-)

If you want to join the contest or would like to know more information, just visit Samsung Cameras PH Fanpage.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Win X-Men Goodie Bags from Channel V

It's been a while since my wife and I watched a movie in the big screen.

Well, it has not been the same since our son Charles came. Nope, I am not complaining because I am loving every moment of fatherhood (even during tantrum moments)

Speaking of Charles, last Sunday was a blast for me and Leah since we got to witness arguably the best superhero movie in recent years. Professor Xavier and and the other young mutants was worth the money we spent for the tickets. Actually, we only paid Php 60 each since we redeemed a couple of Php 100 discount coupons courtesy of Smart Rewards plus a FREE large drink.

And since we seems can't get enough of X-Men: First Class, I want to get a simple memento of this group of powerful beings who I grew up with. It's like a reunion of sort watching this great film. Here's a good news for those who share my sentiments, Channel V is giving away X-Men goodie bags to lucky fans who will join there contest. Just click HERE if you want to join. Promo runs until June 19, 2011.