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Monday, January 24, 2011

Who wants to meet Taylor Swift in person?

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I have one niece who happens to be a big Taylor Swift fan.

That's why when we found out that the lovely singer will be coming to Manila next month, we promised her that we will watch her concert.

The problem is all tickets are sold out and even scalpers would love to see her perform live so it's not really a good option to take chances come the day of the event. So, the only best thing to do is to monitor newspapers and the internet for any possible promotions that would give away TS concert tix.

The always generous Unilab Facebook fan page has two contests where their female followers can join and have a chance to get to see the concert for FREE. I am still hoping that they will run another promo for the male species because we too want to her Taylor singing and whispering "You Belong to Me"

Here's another Taylor Swift alert that I am sure would interest half of the Philippine population. There is this event called The Taylor Swift VIP Fair and Fan Mag Launch happening in January 29 at SM North EDSA, The Block.

It will be a day full of TS-related activities like design-your-own photo, notebook, nail art and other surprises. There will also be a special performance by acoustic artist Sabrina.

Talylor Swift freebies and prizes will be given away but of course, you need to go there because a lucky fan will be drawn and have a VIP pass for a meet and greet with Taylor.

So, if you happen to see me at the venue... it's for the love of my niece and to the male population who digs Taylor!

Winners of the I Love Being a Teacher essay contest

Finally, I have a clear answer to those who joined last year's I love being a Teacher essay writing contest sponsored by Manila Bulletin.

Prior today, I have used all possible explanations to respond to email, online and personal inquiry as to when the winners will be announced.  So now I say... just read the news clipping below and find out if you know anyone from the three winners of the contest.

Apologies for the delay but I just got the information.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want to watch the Philippine Azkals live for FREE?

Of course, you have already heard of the remarkable exploits of our national football team in the international scene last year. Out of no where, we became instant fans of the game of soccer. Thanks to the upsets and exciting goals that the Philippine Azkals showcased at the recent Suzuki Cup in Vietnam, Filipinos has another game to play.

All my life, I've been a big basketball fan so I found it a little weird in front of the TV set a few nights last year as I stay tuned in time out-free games of Azkals versus the rest of Southeast Asia.

Even though we only manage to get into the semi-final round, it was still the country's most decent finish in the history of the tournament. Of course, the men and boys are now thinking of getting into the sport because of the door that the team opened while the women and gals are on a hunt to those good-looking ball kickers.

So just in case you'll be in Bacolod on February 9, the Azkals will battle Team Mongolia for a play-off match for the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. The other good news is, there will be seats that will be given out for FREE. Click HERE for the details.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Instant Php 100 Credits and a Chance to Win Gadgets

Life sometimes can be like a pack of noodles or a sachet of coffee--- instant.

That's how things are right now. Changes happen. Good thing a of of these new stuff brought convenience and help to us. What I love most are instant freebies. Just a few clicks on my mouse and viola! Got something free from the net.

Have you heard about PAKYAW? No, not Mommy Dionisia'a favorite son. I'm referring about a soon to be launched online hub wher you can get great deals in Metro Manila and beyond... for at least half the price.

From food to beauty to travel and more, Pakyaw offer cool, fun and exciting things for you and your friends to do, try and enjoy. The experience will begin soon. For now, you can get an instant Php 100 Pakyaw money for FREE by just signing in. Just click HERE.

After you sign-up, you'll received an email notification confirming your registration. Follow the instruction and you'll also have a chance to win cool stuff and gadgets.

Signing up for PAKYAW automatically enters you into our amazing raffle contest - THE PAKYAW DAILY DRAW!

From January 10 to 31, 2011, Pakyaw will be giving away a prize a day - Nintendo Wii, Apple Ipad, MacBooks, and even a flat screen TV! Yes - 3 weeks of prizes with a winner everyday!

The best part is - the more people you refer that join Pakyaw, the more chances you get to win! See official rules here.

Sign up = 1 raffle entry
Each referral who joins = 1 additional raffle entry

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Join ABS-CBN's The Price is Right

A decade ago, I almost won a brand new car from ABC 5's Wheel of Fortune hosted by the artist formerly known as Rustom Padilla. Back then, I already had a clue that there is indeed a "Gandanghari" within his hunky physique. He was really nice during the taping of the show and had small talks with him after he found out that I work at VIVA, his home studio. I did three episodes with him which were all aired in December 2000.

Anyways, I can still remember the taste of sweet victory after I solved the jackpot puzzles MURO AMI (Daily round) and HANDCUFF (Weekly round) and the agony of defeat after consecutive Bankrupts in the wheel in the monthly finals where only two equally determined guys keeps me away from a sparkling red Nissan Sentra.

I end up going home with a pearly white rice cooker to add up to my Mini Bar set and Entertainment showcase that I won in the previous two shows.

Today, I feel like joining another TV game show that will be launched by ABS-CBN this coming February. The Kapamilya network will bring back the world's longest running game show (since it was ABC 5 who first made a local version with Dawn Zulueta as the game master) to the Philippines' boob tube: The Price is Right.

For interested studio contestants, the audition will start on January 10 and 11 (9:00 am) at the ABS-CBN Center Road, Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City as per their TV ads.

The show which will be hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino and is said to be fitted against TV 5's Willing Willie is also looking for talents for the show. Here are the details for those interested:

For `The Price is Right´ Models:
* 18-25 years old
* Must be good in dancing
* Male at least 5'8" in height
* Female at least 5'5" in height

For the On-cam Voice Over Announcer:
* Male 18-35 years old
* Funny and with pleasing personality

Bring your full body and close-up photos on the said date mentioned above.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Earthlingorgeous'3rd Blogversary Birthday Giveaway

Just found out that an office mate is having her second baby. Woohoo! Party, partee! Every child is always a blessing and a reason to rejoice. Congrats, Toni!

Then, I stumbled upon this good promotion to start the year from one "gorgeous" blogger.

Earthlingorgeous is celebrating three great happenings this month of January --- her birthday, her daughter's birthday and her popular blog's anniversary. She is running a contest called Earthlingorgeous Blogversary Birthday Giveaway where her readers will be treated to exciting prizes.

Here's what lucky participants can win: Outspoken Perfume by Fergie, Neutrogena Fine Fairness line products, Ponds Rosy White products, Clinelle facial care products, Rexona Clinical Protection for Men and Women, Purederm products, Lorys Hair Cream, Myra Vitaglow , Myra Sunblock, Myra Lotion, Avon Mega Impact Lipsticks, Havaianas Flip Flop size 5, Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit, L’Oreal for Men, Dove Men, Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care products, Avon So Soft Lotion, Avon Anew Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial, Grapebella, Pampers Active Baby (XL), Avon Baby Products and so much more.

She also promised to add more products, GCs, treatments to her prizes! So, here's my words of advice: Join na, Now na!

Unearthing Asia 1st Anniversary Contest

Someone is turning 1 year old and is very generous.

Instead of waiting for gifts and well-wishers, Unearthing Asia is giving away not just one but six (6) dream vacations to lucky entry senders to their 1st Anniversary Contest.

Would you like to take an adventure at the (1) exciting scenery of Rotorua, New Zealand? Or how about a leisure trip at (2) relaxing Bali? Hmmm... I bet you won't say no for a shopping galore at (3)cosmopolitan Hong Kong or a journey of surprises at (4) exotic Phuket. Paradise is within reach in the (5) beautiful island of Boracay and rich history of (6) rustic Saigon.

What's great about this promotion is that you need not to do the unthinkable to win. All you need is a stroke of luck and to follow simple instructions that you can find on the official website of Unearthing Asia.

FREE Marvel Heroes and Hello Kitty from McDonalds

After a twin long weekend vacations courtesy of the Yuletide season, it's time to go to back to work and wait for another 300+ days until the Christmas season and a taste of a long holiday vacation comes.

Hayyyyyy! Sabi nga sa bingo, "Sa letrang B-10!"

Biten na biten talaga! Going back to work seems a painstaking thing to do this morning. I feel like I am having a bottomless cup of Milo for breakfast and the water in the bathroom is as cold as a 1-peso "ice tubig" that I don't want to take a dip and i just want to stay frozen to where ever I find my self situated at home. But i really need to go to the office to finish my backlogs and stack of papers to do (to shred, i hope). Most of all, I will miss my longer playtime with my 1-year old son Charles who was still hugging his favorite pillow when I left home. I choose not to kiss him because I might wake him up from his amazing adventure with Mickey Mouse and Agent Oso.

But my morning started just surprisingly fine today. Thanks to two great reason to cheer as of 10:28 am today. First, at exactly 8:01 am (yup, that was the time indicated on my watch) I say this huge banner at McDonalds - Pasig: Happy Meals with FREE Marvel Superheroes toy figures or Hello Kitty items.

The girls can have their Hello Kitties and Hello Daniels but it's the Marvels for me. You can choose either The Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man or Spider-Man. Actually I already have the green one and Logan. And I do recommend you get the two toys first because I predict they will be the best-sellers. The Hulk stands 3 x 3 inches tall and wide (what an enormous frebbie, indeed) and does his famous "It's clobbering time" gesture via an easy button at the back. Wolverine does his claws in, claws out action. Next stop at lunch time later will be either Spidey or the Iron one!. Woohooo!

And the other reason which made my day is an email that I got from The Diplomatic Mom telling me that I won a new tissue stand holder courtesy of QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities, one of the coolest online store that offers some of the not-so-usual and clever gift ideas and products in the market today.

And that's my other (and definitely louder) woohoo!

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WInners of MKB? Php 1000 Winila Credits Giveaway

Happy new year everyone! 

And to start off 2011, I am announcing the five winners of my last contest for 2010--- the Php 1000 Winila Credits Giveaway.

I had twenty-one (21) valid entries and list the names of the senders according to the time/ date they joined the promo.  For senders of more than one entries, I only considered their first response.  There will be five (5) winners of Php 200 Winila credits each.

Now here is the screen grab of the numbers generated by

See the winners in RED: 

1. Growrich
2. ladymishel
3. Karen
4. maaauuuuuuu
5. czamora
6. Carol
7. cristina
8. joi
9. luckyfinds
10. 2tinyfeet
11. Krizia
12. Cornelio03
13. Cates
14. Ferdinand A.
15. Lourdes Espanol
16. dashashash
17. Mai
18. humandoll
19. sumer
20. agus
21. patrick

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who joined!  Just keep on joining our next promotions and who knows, you might win next time!

To the winners, wait for the email coming from either a representative of and/ or my good online buddy Jayson Biadog who made this promotion possible (Thank you, guys and wishing for more and bigger contest sponsorship next time).