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Monday, January 3, 2011

WInners of MKB? Php 1000 Winila Credits Giveaway

Happy new year everyone! 

And to start off 2011, I am announcing the five winners of my last contest for 2010--- the Php 1000 Winila Credits Giveaway.

I had twenty-one (21) valid entries and list the names of the senders according to the time/ date they joined the promo.  For senders of more than one entries, I only considered their first response.  There will be five (5) winners of Php 200 Winila credits each.

Now here is the screen grab of the numbers generated by

See the winners in RED: 

1. Growrich
2. ladymishel
3. Karen
4. maaauuuuuuu
5. czamora
6. Carol
7. cristina
8. joi
9. luckyfinds
10. 2tinyfeet
11. Krizia
12. Cornelio03
13. Cates
14. Ferdinand A.
15. Lourdes Espanol
16. dashashash
17. Mai
18. humandoll
19. sumer
20. agus
21. patrick

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who joined!  Just keep on joining our next promotions and who knows, you might win next time!

To the winners, wait for the email coming from either a representative of and/ or my good online buddy Jayson Biadog who made this promotion possible (Thank you, guys and wishing for more and bigger contest sponsorship next time).

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