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Monday, January 3, 2011

FREE Marvel Heroes and Hello Kitty from McDonalds

After a twin long weekend vacations courtesy of the Yuletide season, it's time to go to back to work and wait for another 300+ days until the Christmas season and a taste of a long holiday vacation comes.

Hayyyyyy! Sabi nga sa bingo, "Sa letrang B-10!"

Biten na biten talaga! Going back to work seems a painstaking thing to do this morning. I feel like I am having a bottomless cup of Milo for breakfast and the water in the bathroom is as cold as a 1-peso "ice tubig" that I don't want to take a dip and i just want to stay frozen to where ever I find my self situated at home. But i really need to go to the office to finish my backlogs and stack of papers to do (to shred, i hope). Most of all, I will miss my longer playtime with my 1-year old son Charles who was still hugging his favorite pillow when I left home. I choose not to kiss him because I might wake him up from his amazing adventure with Mickey Mouse and Agent Oso.

But my morning started just surprisingly fine today. Thanks to two great reason to cheer as of 10:28 am today. First, at exactly 8:01 am (yup, that was the time indicated on my watch) I say this huge banner at McDonalds - Pasig: Happy Meals with FREE Marvel Superheroes toy figures or Hello Kitty items.

The girls can have their Hello Kitties and Hello Daniels but it's the Marvels for me. You can choose either The Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man or Spider-Man. Actually I already have the green one and Logan. And I do recommend you get the two toys first because I predict they will be the best-sellers. The Hulk stands 3 x 3 inches tall and wide (what an enormous frebbie, indeed) and does his famous "It's clobbering time" gesture via an easy button at the back. Wolverine does his claws in, claws out action. Next stop at lunch time later will be either Spidey or the Iron one!. Woohooo!

And the other reason which made my day is an email that I got from The Diplomatic Mom telling me that I won a new tissue stand holder courtesy of QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities, one of the coolest online store that offers some of the not-so-usual and clever gift ideas and products in the market today.

And that's my other (and definitely louder) woohoo!

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