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Friday, January 21, 2011

Want to watch the Philippine Azkals live for FREE?

Of course, you have already heard of the remarkable exploits of our national football team in the international scene last year. Out of no where, we became instant fans of the game of soccer. Thanks to the upsets and exciting goals that the Philippine Azkals showcased at the recent Suzuki Cup in Vietnam, Filipinos has another game to play.

All my life, I've been a big basketball fan so I found it a little weird in front of the TV set a few nights last year as I stay tuned in time out-free games of Azkals versus the rest of Southeast Asia.

Even though we only manage to get into the semi-final round, it was still the country's most decent finish in the history of the tournament. Of course, the men and boys are now thinking of getting into the sport because of the door that the team opened while the women and gals are on a hunt to those good-looking ball kickers.

So just in case you'll be in Bacolod on February 9, the Azkals will battle Team Mongolia for a play-off match for the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. The other good news is, there will be seats that will be given out for FREE. Click HERE for the details.

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