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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Win a Kitchen Showcase from Electrolux

UPDATE: The deadline for submission of entries is on Dec. 11, 2011!

Have you ever imagined your kitchen having a brand new coffee maker, microwave oven, electric cooking range and a spanking 3-door refrigerator?

In your dreams?

Actually, what if I tell you that you might get all of these and more with just a simple video of you and your friends singing or interpreting a classic TV commercial jingle?

It could actually happen this Christmas and it’s not Santa Clause who’ll gonna give all these cool gifts to you--- It’s the friendly Electrolux man who will knock on your door with special Christmas surprises just for you? Here's how you can make that happen!

The popular Electrolux "Knock On Your Door" jingle is back! It's fun, catchy and will have you singing along! Have some fun with us by singing your own version by yourself, or with family and friends! Take a video and share it with everyone. Who knows – it could become viral!

STEP 1 Like The Little White Book page on Facebook and click on the Knock on Your Door Video Challenge tab. Listen and learn the Knock On Your Door jingle. You can also find it on the ElectroluxPH YouTube account as well as for download.

STEP 2 Come up with your very own rendition of the jingle in the most creative way you can think of. Then, take a video of your production.

STEP 3 Visit and register online by providing your contact information and uploading your video from November 3 to December 11, 2011. Video entries (in 3gp or mp4 format) must be of a minimum length of 30 seconds and a maximum length of 2 minutes, not exceeding 20MB.

STEP 4 Kindly indicated me, Richard Mamuyac, as the one who referred you to the promo because I will be giving away a special gift pack to one to the first twenty (20) entry senders.  Please send an email to and indicating your name and contact info, file name of your video entry and this line: Referred by Richard Mamuyac of to be eligible to the special raffle.

STEP 5. Go back to the Knock on Your Door Video Challenge tab on the The Little White Book Facebook page and like your favorite entries among the Top 10. 
Judging of entries will happen on December 12, 2011, 1:00-4:00pm at the Electrolux main office. The criteria of judging are as follows:    45%    Creativity and Originality   35%    Presentation of the "Knock On Your Door" theme     20%    Production Value (e.g. props, costumes, effects, etc.)

Two winners will be chosen as winners of a special Electrolux Christmas Kitchen Surprise and gift certificates from Magnolia and Monterey. Winners will be announced on The Little White Book and will be notified via phone call, e-mail and registered mail.

The Electrolux Man and his team will personally visit the homes of winners residing in the Metro Manila area to award the prizes. The date and time of the home visit will be pre-scheduled with each winner and will occur within 60 days from receipt of notification. So sing along with us this Christmas season and show us what you've got! Who knows – we may be knocking on your door soon!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to sing on my own or can I lip synch along with the jingle?
A: You can sing the jingle yourself either acapella or with accompaniment. You can also opt to sing along with the jingle or lip synch it. In addition, you can choreograph a dance or create a skit too. It's totally up to you. Go ahead – let your creativity show!

Q: How many people can appear in the video? Can I use props or special effects in my video?
A: A minimum of one person needs to appear in the video but you can choose to have as many people as you'd like appear in it. Yes, you can use props and effects in the video too.

Q: Can I submit more than one video?
A: You may register as many videos as you want. In the event that the winning video is registered to more than one name, the person who submits the video first will be considered the recipient of the prize.

Q: Who can join the Knock On Your Door Video Challenge?
A: This contest is open to all creative minds and talented performers, both amateur and professional, nationwide.

Q: What's the criteria for judging the winning videos?
A: The criteria are as follows:
Creativity and Originality – 45%   
Creativity and originality make up the largest percentage of our criteria for judging the winning videos. We want to see how creative and original you can get with the Knock On Your Door jingle. Feel free to make a script for a skit, a dance production number or whatever else you might think of. We want to see the terrific ideas you have.

Presentation of the "Knock On Your Door" theme – 35%
The Electrolux Man is back! Tell a story about the return of the Electrolux Man who's come to bring everyone cheer this Christmastime. We want to see how you'll interpret the Knock On Your Door story in your own way.

Production Value – 20%
When making your video, feel free to make a production of it. Use props, costumes and effects that will help tell your story.

Q: What prizes will the winners get?
A: Each of the two winners will receive an Electrolux Christmas Kitchen Surprise comprised of the following appliances:
(1) Unit ECM2000 Coffee Maker
(1) Unit EMM2009W Microwave Oven
(1) Unit EKM5541 Electric Cooking Range
(1) Unit ETB2603 Three Door Refrigerator

Q: What if a winner resides outside of Metro Manila? How will he or she receive his/her prizes?
A: If a chosen winner happens to be residing outside the Metro Manila area, the prize package will be delivered to the winner's home by the logistics company servicing Electrolux in their area. The delivery of prizes will occur within 60 days from receipt of notification.

Winners must present 2 valid IDs (SSS, Driver’s License or other government-issued ID) and a copy of the registered mail/e-mail in order to claim their prizes. Employees of Electrolux Philippines and its agencies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

Here's the lyrics of the jingle if you want to sing it in acapella:  

"I'm gonna knock on your door
Ring on your bell
Tap on your window too
I'm back to give you much more
When you open the door
I'm your friendly Electrolux man." 

For inspiration and ideas for your entry, you can check this link:


  1. What a very mediocre blog! You only post contests/promos when you yourself is going to join in it. I've been waiting for months to say that. Just constructive criticism: if you want more traffic in your blog, update more promos. A blog should be constantly updated. Its not a once a week or once a month thing. Just look at or

    Seriously, I don't get it why you're a top blog.

  2. Thanks for the constructive criticism, Anonymous. Well, will try to blog more often if my sked permits. Apologies for the lesser posts lately since I've been also been organizing events.

    You should have not waited "for months" to say your piece 'coz there's no sense of carrying such yoke. Again, apologies on that.

    FYI. I don't join all the contests that I post here and not really after on getting more traffic here. As long that I have a number of people informed about the promos and contests. I'm fine with it. If they win because of my post... Wow! I'll also be super happy for them.

    Seriously, I also did not know that I am a top blog... whatever that means.

    Thanks and God bless po sa pag-visit sa site ko :-)

  3. @Butchie... matalas talaga pang-amoy ng mga buntis. Sana Feb 14 panganak baby mo para day of love. hehe

    Love love love lang always diba, kapatid? :-)

  4. Haha. Naku malayo sa Feb 14. March 31. Baka kamo umabot pa ng Mahal na Araw. Hehe.

    Love, light, peace :)