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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Contest Exclusive for Winners

I found this contest interesting because it has a not-so-usual requisite: You have to be a certified winner to join the contest.

How do you prove that you are a winner? Well, you have to brag about it through your blog and post photos of certificates, prizes won, awarding ceremonies and any image you can think of that will make you eligible to join and win blogger Jayson Biadog's birthday contest Winner's Place: Share your winning story contest.

Well, if you'll ask me if I am a winner myself. I can enumerate all the contests and promos that I won all the way back my elementary years (yes, i started that early but I have yet to win the big ones like house and lot, brand new car and 1 million pesos that's why I'm still joining contests up to now) but the best gift I ever got in the biggest contest of them all (a.k.a. LIFE) is captured in the photo below--- my wife Leah and son Charles!

And I think, the mere fact that I got to wake up each day and see their beautiful faces, that alone makes me a WINNER!

Btw, before i start sobbing here... just want to inform you that the contest will run until October 14, 2010 and you can win exciting prizes like adventure pass, books, phone cards and many more!


  1. you will win big prizes someday keep on joining. that's a nice entry and inspiration..ur a good father n husband..that's 1 of d greatest win on earth as well..great story i've heard a story of a general and a bizmen..he told his family when he die on his tomb.. he dont want to be called a boss, winner, sir, general or master..he want to be called a father.. thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for the great story, man. Thank you also for sharing your blessings c/0 of your contest.

    This will return to you in many folds.