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Friday, August 27, 2010

Win Personalized Facebook Shirt from Jollibee

Tomorrow, I will be meeting with some old buddies from high school in what we consider as an "unofficial" batch reunion since it's actually happening during the birthday celebration of our classmate Angela, whom surprisingly is still single though he is one of the top 3 beauties in our class.

Anyways, the instant reunion will happen all because of Faceboook. Our beloved 2-time class muse Jocelyn spearheaded the FB hunt and tracked almost everyone of us. So, I raise a glass for her commitment and perseverance for our group to reunite (applause). As of this writing, we have already posted 2000+ comments in the photo/ invitation where we are all tagged. I run a little contest that whoever gets to post the 1993 comment will get a prize from me. So, they made it happened :-)

So much for the personal stuff... here's the mechanics for you to win a personalized FB shirt from our friends from Jollibee fun club.

Just "Like" the Jollibee Kiddie Workshop FB page and register in the application asking you to create a witty slogan/ phrase that will be printed in your shirt in case you win.

So Bee creative and you'll definitely look cool with your unique and very own FB shirt :-)

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