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Monday, August 23, 2010

Computergirl's Birthday Giveaway

Do you carry a bag everyday?

Me, I've been a fan of backpacks ever since. Sometimes when I go out without a bag, I feel like there is something missing or I left an important back home. That's why, you'll more likely see me carrying a bag while watching a movie (if you can see me) or shopping in a mall.

Computergirl's Musing asks, "What would I find in your daily handbag/backpack/hand luggage? It can be a health or beauty item for daily use, or just a good space saver/multi-purpose product."

Just leave a comment HERE and get a chance to win everything you can see in the photo below:

For a better chance of winning, you can also blog about the contest that will run until September 5, 2010. Ohhh... that's my birthday, too! :-) Sali kaya ko baka swerte ko hehe...


  1. You can find in my daily almost everything that a woman has to is my list:
    -coin purse
    -candies in ziplock
    -make up purse( 3shades of Avon and L'oreal lipstick ,Avon's 9 eye pallete,Face Shop eye brow powder, Avon's 3diff kinds of lip gloss, mascara,Maybelline 2 shades of mineral blush, Avon soft bisque face powder, cherry and strawberry Chapstick)
    -D&G perfume
    -Bench Daily Scent small bottle of cologne
    -hand sanitizer
    -Bath and Body Works enchanted orchid hand and body lotion
    -office ID with strap
    -ballpen and small notebook
    -a bar of chocolate:)

    those are the things you can find in my bag that I'm using right now.:)

  2. Hi Agnes!

    Andami hehehe.

    but you need to post your answer at Computergirl's Musings... just click the link in the post above.

    Thanks :-)

  3. -kikay kit
    -id w/lace
    -perfume ( Zen Zest )
    -ballpen black :)
    -hand sanitizer
    -charger and cellphone
    -the picture of my bf :)

    thats all!

  4. Hi Kristina Marie... you need to post your comment at Computergirl's Musings blog in order to qualify for the raffle. Good luck!