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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to join Panahon Ko 'To Text Promo

Back in the late 90's, me and my former employees at Video City main office would spend lunch and break time answering a quiz-type trivia mind benders in Excel files circulating over the internet.

Well, eventually I would create my own "Jologs" trivia game.  I even almost published a book called "Who wants to be a Jologs" after I got a deal (verbally) from a publisher but a two-year overseas work was that tempting and I dropped the whole thing.    

Today, I know I still have the manuscript in our attic (somewhere hidden between my comic book collections and basketball trading cards).  Why am I talking about this? Well, just happen to catch an episode of ABS-CBN's latest game show Panahon Ko "To.  Too bad, they don't have an open call for contestants because I would live to try my luck and stored knowledge for this one.

Well, home viewers can still join in the text promo where the show is giving away as much as Php 20,000 daily.  Just text PKT answer to the question of the day.  I'm just surprise that they will only run this promo until July 23, 2010 since the show has great potentials.

Btw, the show is hosted by Billy Joe Crawford and Luis Manzano.  Would have been nice if they include one certified Jologs to butt in from time to time, right?

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