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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Wine and Sausages from Tapella

I was surfing the boob tube last night and saw a news clip from a foreign channel featuring the annual event in Navarre, Spain called Encierro or the running of the bulls. It's part of the festival of San Fermin.

Every year, I always see this event even in local news and every year I can't help but wonder when these guys letting themselves being run over by provoked raging bulls will learn. Just to be head-butt by this beast is scary, what more if you got hooked with one of its sharp horns. It's like you're a human barbeque. But still, I salute these people for their love and devotion to their culture and tradition.

Anyways, here in the Philippines one restaurant is giving away a FREE glass of wine, FREE sausage along with a FREE redkerchief if you dine-in wearing all-white on July 9, that's tomorrow.

For more information about this promo, call Tapella (Greenbelt 5) at tel. nos. 7572710 and 7572711.

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