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Monday, September 6, 2010

Spot and Win a Larry Alcala shirt

Just one of the many items from the Larry Alcala collection
Funny but I learned to read through the 80's local kiddie fave Funny komiks.

That's why I have high respect for cartoonists because they make reading more fun.  I admire more those who can tell a story without using any text in his work.  Take the case of the great Pinoy illustrator Larry Alcala whose Slice of Life is simply a joy to look at.  His works not only give us something to smile about but it also showcases the "fun" in the Filipino life via his black and white strips. Another fun part is the fact that Larry Alcala always include a concealed image of himself in all his works. 

Solo, a clothing line which heeds today’s generation’s pursuit of liberty, self-expression and individualism, has launched a Larry Alcala collection that will surely interest even those not familiar with Alcala's work (especially those who are living under the rock).

And the good news is, you have a chance to get a "slice" of that Larry Alcala collection. Just visit and download a contest sheet/ comic illustration.  Just spot the hidden head of the illustrator and send it to at  Winners will be announced via Solo FB fan page. Just search for "Solo Online" 

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