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Friday, September 17, 2010

Save the World, Win a Sony Playstation 3

I will forever be a kid in front of a Sony Playstation.

I used to own the a PS 1 unit and even used it in a mini business along with another unit from a friend. I never knew whatever happened to my unit after I left for a 2-year stint to work abroad. In Saipan, it's always a game day every Friday night with some friends I met there who owns a PS 2.

Huh... those were the days.

MTV is giving away a brand new Plasystation 3 to that lucky person who can give the best answer to their question tied-in with Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil : Afterlife.

What would you do to help Alice save the human race?

You have until September 23 to send in your answer via

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