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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FREE Krispy Kreme Orange You Glad Chiller

Six days before Election day... are you ready to vote?

Make sure you have your list with you since minimal error on the new ballot can nullify your votes. Just a reminder: don't over vote! So that means you only need to choose one president and one vice president. So goodluck to those "balimbings"

But seriously, please don't exceed in voting for candidates in every category. For Senators, it's only 12 or less... and so on and so forth.

After voting, make sure your finger is marked with the indelible ink since Krispy Kreme will give a treat to those who will vote on May 10. Just go to the nearest KK outlet in your place and show your dirty finger (I mean the one with the ink) along with a print out that BFF Chloe will send you.

How to get an email from her? Well, you need to add her as a friend via Chloe's FB account

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