Freebie Express: Kalalabas lang!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

FREE Call Center Trainning and Placement

While sitting in the lobby of our office, I saw this small card on the floor. Actually it's a calendar in one side and an ad/ invitation in the other side.

Well, I thought of sharing this for the benefit of people who wants to try working in a call center especially the newly graduates. I worked for three years in a call center before and I can say that it was such an experience wrestling with weird calls, angry callers and graveyard shift. I missed the "fabulous" pay and perks and most especially the people who became my second family. Iba ang kultarang call center. Masarap na mahirap ang experience.

This card says it's from TeleDevelopment. I think I've been in their office in Ortigas Center just at the back of Robinson's Galleria two years ago when I accompanied a friend who was looking for a job. To our surprise, their receptionist is one of the members of Vanna Vanna aka as FOJ, the one who sang the now classic "He loves me"... di n'yo pa din gets? I-google n'yo na lang basta siya yung pinakamaganda sa tatlo.

I don't know anyone from the company so don't think I'll get any referral fee for posting this in my blog. It's just happen to be FREE that's why it's in here :-)


  1. Hi Parenthood... actually, you don;t need the card to avail their FREE training...Just call the numbers indicated to get your schedule.