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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Yahoo Puple Hunt is on!

How time flies. If it wasn’t for my niece asking if she could borrow a mono block chair that she’ll use in their graduation rites practice, I’ll still find it hard to believe that it’s already March. To think I still have a wrapped Christmas present lying on my table because one of my godson did not visit me last December. But no one can stop summer time from coming!

Some of you might have already booked flights to Boracay or other great destinations in the South but I want to make vacation time more productive by spending more time browsing the net and YMs, listening to radio, watching TV, going to the Trinoma and watch out for Hyundai cars passing by the street.

Don't you ever call me a bum if I do it for the next 5 weeks because I will be doing all these things to get a chance to win a brand new car and other exciting prizes. You still don't believe me? You might haven't heard of the Yahoo Purple Hunt 2.0 launched just a few days ago?

WARNING: Joining the contest might ruin your plan and schedule until April 17--- dates with BF/ GF and BFFs, eating habits, movie marathon with friends, Senakulo acting commitment, trip to Splash Island, and what ever stuff you have in mind. But it's worth it for the chance of winning a brand new car. Just ask Calvin Galgana.

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