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Friday, March 11, 2011

FREE Music Lessons and Sports Clinic

Summer time is just around the corner. We'll if you haven't notice it yet, during these time the sun can still be seen at 6:00 pm, that is if you're not living in Antartica.

Btw, talking about the sun... watch out for what scientist call as the Supermoon on March 19 when the big white fellow from above will be in its nearest position from Earth (just almost 300,000 kms. away which is if you estimate is something I might have already covered if only I took time to measure the length I spent walking from all the malls I've been since high school). To sum it up, the moon will appear to be bigger than the usual that might bring higher high tides and lower low tides.

Going back to summer, I got a text from my online buddy Jayson Biadog about his friend Janice Hung of Muzikacademy offering FREE Music Lessons and Sports Clinic for anyone interested. So if anyone out there who has yet to mark anything on their calendars this April and May, you might want to try improving your almost golden voice (Translation: di nasasanla, fancy, tubog lang, etc) or do the Wushu or Tai Ji (Translation: pang-ganti sa mga school bullies next school year or sem).

For more information, just click the two links above :-)


  1. bakit po wala namang info tungkol sa music lesson and sports clinic sa dalawang link/site? kailan po ba yan at saan?

  2. Hi Mimi!

    Just call them in the contact info indicated in the post to inquire about the FREE lessons.


  3. Hi, Richard! I like this post of yours. At least, my nephew will have something to look forward this summer. Thanks for this info.