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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who wants to meet Justin Bieber in person?

Here's something for tweens, teens, and all Justin Bieber fans of all sizes: a chance to meet the the young Canadian pop/RnB singer-songwriter and actor in person (without a Selena Gomez clinging on his side, of course).

How? Well, MCA Music Philippines is running a promotion until April 24 where participants get to win an exclusive meet and greet with Justin, tickets for his concert on May 10 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, and limited edition Justin Drew Bieber Dolls.

Winners will be determined through the Justin Bieber with The Essential ABC (Amazing Bieber Combos) raffle promo. Mechanics are just easy. Purchase any of the three (ABCs) Amazing Bieber Combos from any Astroplus/Astrovision or Odyssey music store. All three combos would require a purchase of Bieber’s latest album Never Say Never: The Remixes. Not only will you earn a raffle coupon when you buy an Amazing Bieber Combo, you also will be given one of the exciting premium items such as Limited Edition Justin Bieber button pin, ballpen with strap and dog tag.

So start memorizing the lyrics of Baby (as if you don't know this song) and who knows, you can be that lucky Bieber fan living the Selena Gomez experience for a day!

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