Freebie Express: Kalalabas lang!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Win $300 Cash Prize: Patawa ka lang

I got an FB message from Makoy Tayag who is based in Singapore. Every year he has a contest in his blog for all his followers.

This year, he is having Humor Me Makoy Contest where he is giving away $300 cash prizes to the top three blogger that can make him laugh the most. It's like the last promo I had here in my blog but in, you can only post one entry so you really have to make sure it's your funniest story.

Btw, the prizes will be sent to winners via paypal.


  1. A man goes to his doctor and says, ''Doctor, Doctor, please help me! I've got a problem.'' The doctor examines the man and finds the man has a red ring around his penis. The doctor gives him an ointment to rub on the problem area.

    ''It's all cleared up!'' the man reports when he returns. ''But what was that medication you gave me?''

    ''Lipstick remover.''

  2. A one dollar bill met a twenty dollar bill and said, "Hey, where've you been? I haven't seen you around here much."

    The twenty answered, "I've been hanging out at the casinos, went on a cruise and did the rounds of the ship, back to the United States for a while, went to a couple of baseball games, to the mall, that kind of stuff. How about you?"

    The one dollar bill said, "You know, same old stuff ... church, church, church."