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Monday, April 26, 2010

FREE Php 20 at Shell

How far can a Php 20 bill go these days? Well, a series of Selecta Cornetto TV ads has provided some amusing answers to this question.

But 20 pesos is 20 pesos. Even if you walk for miles, only divine intervention can lead you to a Php 20 bill lying on the ground for you to keep.

Well, here's an easier and more realistic way: Pilipinas Shell is giving out rewards to its customers who will stop over at Shell stations, Shell Select and Shell Shops Luzon-wide. For every Php 1000 single or accumulated receipts, you get a Php 20 credit that you can use to purchase in their stores. This promo is good until June 5, 2010.

Shell will also launch more summer rewards to its customer in other parts of the country so better watch out for print ads and poster next time you visit Shell to reload fuel or unload things in their CR.

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