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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Win Kiddie Watches

If my memory serves me right, I learned to tell time when I was five years old. The only time I know then was 10:30 pm.

Well, when I was young the only thing that matters is my weekly dose of WWF (yes, not yet WWE) and the mayhem of pro wrestling every Wednesday evening. Until now, I still watch the brawls at Jack TV but I kinda got loss with the sked so I often end up catching the replays instead.

Anyways, so much for the long segue. Here's the thing: Kids Watch Central is giving away three (3) cool wristwatches for your little ones of lucky readers of Animetric's World.

Just go to the blog and answer the question "How important is teaching time management to kids and what’s the best tip that you can share to other moms regarding teaching your child time management?" by posting a reply to the comments section.

Kindly include your full name and e-mail address and you also need to be a follower of the blog so your entry will be considered.

1 comment:

  1. Parents with little boys can join too! We'll be giving them boy's wristwatches with characters like Spiderman, Batman, Ben 10, etc :D