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Friday, April 29, 2011

Take a Survey and Win Fabulous Prize

It's been a while that I used the word fabulous.

Well, one reason is because I believe it's one of those words that you'll never ever use to describe me. Second, when I use it, I often end up looking for it's correct spelling in the dictionary just to make sure if I am right in using the o before the u.

Anyways, I saw this 5-minute online survey in Reader's Digest Asia and I was started saying fabulous when I saw their simple giveaways to ten (10) lucky respondents.

2 Victorinox Swiss Army Knife and watch set
A pair of another fab-looking watch (I can't decipher the brand via the photo)

2 copies The Amazing Game Book
2 Pearl Necklace
2 copies Photography book

They're not really that biggie prizes but I'll be more than happy to get any of the goodies offred. So if you have 5 minutes to take the short survey, just click HERE. I won;t mind being labeled as fab with that Victorinox set. The promotion runs until May 12, 2010.

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