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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Win the battle against sickness

What makes a strong immunity? Strong white blood cells that can fight germs and viruses
Nowadays, getting sick is becoming an “in” thing.

It’s not that people want to get ill but with the way the weather is acting these days, everyone is prone to sickness. In the Philippines, summer time can bring scorching temperature that reports of heat strokes are heard in the news almost everyday. Come the rainy season in two months time, an average of 20 typhoons will hit the country until December.

When our white blood cells are this weak, they will not be able to fight sickness

It doesn’t help if aside from the unfriendly climate, one is wrestling with stress and pressure from work and other factors everyday. That’s why you should not be surprise if you get sick in the coming days. But of course, this can be avoided if one build up his immunity which is more practical than risk your body from the “beating” and spend hundreds of pesos, or even thousands, for medicine.
Do you know that when your body is fighting off sickness, it’s actually your white blood cells, your body’s soldiers that do the fighting.  Dosing up on Vitamin C has been the common practice in boosting immunity but it’s not enough to strengthen your white blood cells.

Watch this video by clicking the link to get a clearer view of the picture. Black and White on Immunity (Conzace)

Your white blood cells need multiple nutrients like Zinc, Vitamins A, C & E to be strong enough to efficiently do its job in beating the germs and viruses, which can make you sick.

No matter how much Vitamin C you take, it will play that same role. Also, our body can absorb and use only up to 400mg of Vitamin C.  Any more than that is urinated – that’s expensive urine.  Taking 500mg of Vitamin C is enough to ensure that we’re able to absorb just what we need.

The good news, there is a good and easy solution to help boost our bodies immunity— Conzace.

Our body can only absorb up to 400mg of Vitamin C. Rather than dosing up on more Vitamin C, you might as well take other immunity nutrients.
Conzace has a formula to make stronger white blood cells which means stronger immunity: (a) Vitamin C develops white blood cells (500mg), (b) Vitamins A & E intensify the protection of these white blood cells (100 IU of Vitamin E) and (c) Zinc multiplies white blood cells so that we can have the right number of white cells to defend us against sickness. Conzace has higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the Phils. (25mg Zinc).

You can search ‘white blood cells’ online and you can find out the truth about immunity and believe me you’ll also find out the amazing benefits of taking Conzace in the morning or night.  Those who take it at night have said that they experience the benefit of having a good sleep.  But don’t take Conzace on an empty stomach (taking it even 2 hours after eating is alright though)
Our body can only absorb up to 400mg of Vitamin C. Rather than dosing up on more Vitamin C, you might as well take other immunity nutrients.

All nutrients in Conzace have antioxidant properties. It’s available in Mercury, Watson’s and other drugstores for P12.40 (suggested retail price). This soft gel capsule is the #1 Prescribed multivitamin for Heavy Duty Immunity. It’s been prescribed by doctors for years.

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