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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Win a Trolli birthday giftpack for your child

Got a surprise package at our doorstep.

No, it's not for me or my wife but it's for our 4-year old son. Now, who would ever send a parcel to a toddler?

We got our answer when we opened the pack. It's from Trolli Fan Club!

It just happened that our little Charles was chosen as one of the five lucky March birthday celebrants to win a birthday gift pack. The gift includes a cool water bottle with a pin wheel in it and four of their delicious products that even us parents love to munch.

This is a year-long promotion of Trolli so if you want to win a birthday gift for your kids, just follow the simple mechanics below:

1.  Like the Trolli Fan Club on Facebook.
2.  Send a personal message (PM) to the admin of the page with the following details:
     a. Name, age, birthday and gender of child
     b. Name of Parent/s of child
     c. Delivery address
     c. Contact details and email of one of the parents
3.  Attached a copy of the child's 1x1 photo and birth certificate
4. Wait for the names of the lucky birthday celebrants of the month. An announcement is usually  
     posted during the second week. If your child don't win this year, you still have a chance to win in 
     the coming years since the list of the the members of the fan club is posted in the fan page.
5. Members of the Trolli fan Club are also eligible to other exclusive promotions and events of the

To get to know more about the product, you can check the snack section of your favorite grocery stores for these yummy treats: Classic Bears, Neon Sqiggles, Sour Glowwowms, Trolli Mini Burger, Trolli Pizza, Trolli Hotdog, Sour Gecko, Sidewinders, Tropic O's, Strawberry Puffs

So what are you waiting for, be part of a fun community for Fun and Gummi Candy loving kids and kids at heart!

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