Freebie Express: Kalalabas lang!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Make a pledge and get a FREE Ingat Pilipinas Kit

When you finish reading this blog post, two accidents will have occurred.

It's a fact that we should not take lightly especially during this holiday season when parties and drinking sessions are simply irresistible. That's why we should be careful ALWAYS! Sabi nga ng kahawig kong si John Lloyd, "Ingat!" (What I meant was kahawig kami kasi pareho kami ng Natasha shirt na suot niya sa brochure na dala ng nagpapa-order dito sa office)

Anyways, here is a great promotion to get some freebies this Christmas. Just register and make a pledge at and you will get a FREE Ingat Pilipinas Kit!


  1. how can you get the free kit? Were you able to get your free kit already?

  2. Hi 2tinyfeet!

    You know what, this is one promotion that kinda disappoints me 'coz the kit needs to be picked up from an ad agency based in Makati only during Fridays and until December 2010 only.

    But how can we pick up the kits on Friday since the only remaining Fridays are holidays. I only saw the TV ad last Monday...

    But just for the fun of making a pledge for a safer Philippines, you can register and just have the kit claim stub/ coupon as a souvenir.

    Merry Christmas! :-)