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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FREE Hearing Aid Batteries from Energizer

This is one great news that one of my office mate would be delighted to hear.  I just hope he can hear me loud and clear when I tell him about this.

FREE hearing aid batteries available to residents in Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia only.  This good deed is courtesy of Energizer.  Yup the same company who gave the world the most annoying yet cute non-stop bunny.

If you know someone who needs an extra battery for his/ her hearing aid.  I don't know how much these things cost but I'm sure the fact that it's FREE, they should avail it while supplies last.  Delivery time is from 8-12 weeks from the time of request.

To get the FREE batteries, click HERE.  I am actually about to register in behalf of my office mate.  And he was all smile when I told him about this news.  Actually anything FREE can make him smile :-)

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