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Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, I was that guy on Wish Ko Lang

I should have written about this last week but opted not because I am not sure if my readers are interested about my Wish Ko Lang experience.

But you know what, it's already almost a week since the show's Valentine's episode was aired and I still receive questions from friends and relatives via email, FB, and text messages if the couple featured on Wish Ko lang last Saturday was really me and Leah.

Allow me to do first the ala-Piolo Pascual pause and look in the sky gesture before confessing on The Buzz that KC is his GF... ahhh, yes. It was indeed us on Wish Ko Lang.

I know it did occur to me in the past the idea of having my wish come true courtesy of shows like the one being hosted by Ms. Vicky Morales but to have it come true...oh common! But it did, and in front of the Kapuso nation we shared our love story and a wish was granted on that very memorable 12th of February 2011.

Well, I know that if you're reading this post, you are a Mapanghingi like me so I just want to share how I was able to have my story on TV. It all started exactly a week before heart's day this year. My wife found out that her diamond necklace, the one we got from our first Valentine's date five years ago when we joined 99 other couples in kissing in public simultaneously during the Close-Up Lovapalooza event.

My wife was so upset for days not only because of the value of the necklace but also the sentimental reason behind it. So, the moment I got into our office last two Wednesdays ago, I tried eBay, Sulit, AyosDito and other online shopping sites to find a possible replacement. But the prices will definitely make me limping until the next payday if I dare purchase a new one.

Then I saw an message update from GMA News since I am subscribed to them and someone from my credit card company called me through my cellphone so I got to hear my ring tone "Last Resort" by Paparoach. GMA + Last Ressort = Wish Ko Lang?

In the next few minutes, I was composing a letter to the said program ( It was just a brief 4-paragraph letter that ends like, "Hindi ko man maibalik ang nawalang necklace ng asawa ko, maibalik ko man lang ang ngiti sa kanyang mukha ngayong Valentine's day"

Apologies, I won't be able to tell you what happens next or how GMA contacted me to preserve the secrecy of their process in selecting stories to be featured in their show.

What I can tell you is to write and send Wish Ko Lang your story and that something that you really wanted all your life, whether it's for your self or a love one, friend or even a stranger. The people who will read your story are just as ordinary as we are. They can feel the call of your heart, after all they're from the

I think, when they read my letter, they felt the sadness and hope of a husband who just want to make his wife happy. I did not asked for a kabuhayan showcase or a scholarship grant for our child or even a replacement for the lost necklace. I just want a little help to have a memorable date. To ride in a hot air balloon is something I can only see in my dreams and it did come true.

They did not only gave my wife a new diamond necklace but I believe she also felt in a way how I love her so much that I'll do anything to make her happy --- like being a B-actor for a day for the taping of the show (Ansarap din palang maging artista paminsan-minsan hehe).


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Maybe I will try my luck in TV contests and promotions sometime.

  2. I was never a fan of this type of show. But I actually commend you for actually doing this for your wife.

    "Hindi ko man maibalik ang nawalang necklace ng asawa ko, maibalik ko man lang ang ngiti sa kanyang mukha ngayong Valentine's day

    Nice one buddy

  3. @ Miaka... Thanks, thanks!

    @ Rdnofera... need mo na mag-level up since you have been dominating online contest, bro!

    @ Scribbler... thanks! When you're really in love you can't help but be sentimental for a moment :-)

  4. wow, that's really sweet. i don't know if my husband can do that.

  5. aaahhh...Sir, napaiyak mo ako sa kilig!
    Ang galing naman po! Idol talaga kita!^^

  6. ay,mali account pala ni mother naka open..hehe
    Ako po ito,si Esvimin.^^

  7. @ Melandria... I'm sure your husband has his own special way of expressing how much he loves you

    @ Fe and Esvimin ... thanks for the kind words :-)

  8. congratulations pare, mejo ngayon ko lng nabasa to pasenxia na....

    iba nga talaga, pumunta pala si piolo pascual sa hot-air baloon festival...:-))