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Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE Aiza Seguerra Show at Gateway

I am a certified EB Dabarkads. I love watching Eat Bulaga and basically grew up along with the stars of the show.

Even my style of humor is influenced by TVJ. Oh hah, grabe nang pasenti itech.

I even created although I've been more busy with my blogspot-based blogs lately that's why I have not updated it from quite sometime. Well, just want to inform everyone that EB will be on it's 31st year tomorrow! (Matanda pa ang show sa misis ko, anyenyee!)

Not to mislead you guys, this show is actually about pop sensation Aiza Seguerra who will perform hits like “Runaway,” “Almost Over You” and “A Thousand Miles” from her newest album “Perhaps Love" tomorrow (July 31) at Gateway Mall. I can't believed that from a kid who popularized the "duck walk," she would become a great and successful singer in and outr of the country.

Fans who buy her new CD will get to meet and greet Aiza. That's autograph and picture! picture! session. Show starts at 5 pm. Now, how can i catch the show when I'll be going out from work at 6:pm and will be coming from a remote area in Mandaluyong City? Kalungkot, isn't it? :-(


  1. @tcmanila... this is today 5pm (july 31)

  2. This show is scheduled for today, Friday - July 30, 2010.

  3. I love Aiza's voice!

    Thanks for the nomination!

    Love this blog. The best things in life are FREE :)